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i think i made him feel upset/angry at me, i didnt mean too, i want to know if 1. hes okay and 2. hes okay with me...
Ahhh okies, ermm tried PMing him? or hes on msn if you have him there. He's been having a rough time lately sweetie, im sure its nothing to do with you :hug: give him time he'll come around.
I saw he posted recently, I am sure he's ok, and he's probably not upset with you, he's just having a really really rough time at the present. And like Viks said, just give him time.... :hug: :hug:


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Off subject a bit...but do we have 2 Broken Products??? Only posts lately from one don't sound like Kurt. :unsure:
No, we have Broken Product, which is Kurt
Then we have another member called Broken Pieces, which I mistakenly thought was Kurt who was PMing me! :shy: (But she's said it's OK :laugh: )

And then we have FenderAddict, who is also called Kurt :)


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Ty Abacus, just Kurt's (BP) have been different lately, got me confused. Also said he was a new member?? Very odd :unsure:
Even though Broken Product has been here awhile, he hasn't been active with posting. That is why it states new member. The status changes with the number of posts one has.
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