Lack of food and Sleep

Discussion in 'Mental Health Disorders' started by justMe7, Apr 6, 2012.

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  1. justMe7

    justMe7 Well-Known Member

    I guess I'm pretty bad with eating. I kinda eat stuff if it's there sometimes, but if it's not there or if theres only so much, i kinda let meals slide. I even skip meals because i dont care or feel hungry enough to cook. I literallly have no routine or diet. But regardless, that's another issue Ill tackle. Right now im just slightly curious, does not eating making you extremely tired? I think it does, but Im a bit unsure. I feel absolulty drained. But I can shut that off usually unless my stomach burns, but even then if i ignore it or have a cup of tea im ok for abit. It's weird cause when I do eat I get extremely tired again. I assume this is because my body is working to break down and process the food and either wants a more balanced state or is over worked already and is having to compensate by shutting down.. stuff. That i dont know anything about... which bugs me. So i come to the fact that Im slightly worried about what im not doing to my body. Slightly.. i really dont care. but what if i want to care tomorrow, and realize i damaged myself or something. Idk.. i dont want my ability to... ok I really dont know. Im just more curious about the excessive tiredness. Right now my stomach is aching so Ill.. well I dont have any food in the house. but im going out later to get a bulk load. Ill have to work on a diet scheme but.. maybe I just need a little reassurance in the fact that i am kinda botching things up with how i treat my body :S Any opinons would be nice
  2. Paul.

    Paul. Member

    Hi SBlake,

    I've had eating disorders in the past from having crohns and there's been times when I haven't eaten properly for months at a time and that can really mess your body up. If you're not eating properly for lengthy periods of time it will cause damage to your body and digestive system. But the body is great at healing. If you're only eating intermittently it's going to put stress on your body and your digestive system and you will get symptoms like feeling tired, pain when you eat, problems with assimilation of food and problems going to the toilet.. plus a dozen other things.. and it can have a negative effect on the mind too and make us feel more anxious, depressed and miserable. The digestive system is a bit like a machine in that it needs to be regularly fuelled and used in order to function properly. It pretty much goes that the more you use it the better it works as it gets into a healthy, natural rhythm. If you're not eating properly this rhythm breaks down and your body will cough and choke like an engine out of fuel. So I say get 3 decent sized meals in you everyday and within a few weeks you should be feeling better. When the body is fuelled properly then it works better, our minds work better and overall we feel better... even if we feel like complete shit.

    My diet is limited because of the disease and I have to eat the same thing everyday and sometimes it's hard because I don't want to eat the same thing everyday. But I know I'll feel better if I eat consistently. I remind myself of the billion+ people who would kill to be able to eat like I do. Somehow, that makes the food go down a little better.

    Just eat bro. 3 meals a day. You'll feel better.
  3. justMe7

    justMe7 Well-Known Member

    Thanks mate.. This is defiantly a bi-product of all my other "concerns" but.. nah I do appricate it. Helps give me a good reminder. It's not exactly helping, but it's a start(It's really good info, im just.. having trouble connecting with it). Right now I'm running off of feeling hungry so I eat if I have food, or the worst is when i feel like im going to collapse. Kinda comes on fast, and I'm remembering things as a kid that if I ever felt like that in my life it would be a dodgy sign. It's so much money though to eat 3 meals a day,.. idk. I think im gonna have to sit down and conjour up some meals that I can make en mass that are cheap. :( dont want to be that sort of person though.. Eh oh well. 3 meals a day..
    It's slightly weird. I can appear to be moderatly fit, and I can do things as I would appear to be fit. But if I have to do that for a period of time, it dwindles so rapidlyto a very dodgy state. I need to take a moment and then im fine again. It's a fucker because this is a wake up call, but i just dont care to connect with it. Idont want my body to be the reasons I try, yet I dont want to let my body reach points of no return. And tbh I would want to be physically fit again..
    damn.. It's kinda like an idea. It's here right now when Im writing, but when I leave, i dont care except for the two reasons I stated earlier. I suppose it's an indirect way of tackeling this but..idk

    Thanks for the reply, I appricate it
  4. Owen22

    Owen22 Member

    My eating plan is restricted because of the condition and I have to eat the same factor daily and sometimes it's difficult because I don't want to eat the same factor daily. But I know I'll experience better if I eat continually. I tell myself of the billion+ individuals who would destroy to be able to eat like I do. Somehow, that creates the meals go down a little better........
  5. Witty_Sarcasm

    Witty_Sarcasm Eccentric writer, general weirdo, heedless heathen

    I think you can become pretty tired from not having a balanced diet...because your body uses the food as energy...and obviously with less food comes less energy. I have been exhausted lately because I know I haven't been eating properly...sometimes I can go for long periods without even being hungry and just need to remind myself to eat. I even seem to lack the motivation to do the simplest tasks sometimes. I think you should eat when you feel hungry, or at least try to get on a better schedule for eating, or try to have a better diet. I hope that you will start to feel better soon.
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