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  1. I don't know if any ladies have noticed but it seems that the panty industry here in the US are making women's packaged underwear bigger. And by bigger, I mean, the size I used to buy is no longer the same size it used to be. And the worst part is, I wear the smallest size in ladies panties which is a 5. They still sell size 5 packaged panties but they are not size 5s anymore. Instead, size 5s are more like size 6s now. So now I can't find any comfortable womens panties that fit me. I don't know if it's just the area I live in or if it's a nation-wide phenomenon, but what the hell happened to my panties? There are still petite women. Not everyone is fat, not that I have anything against fat people, but why did they have to go and increase the size? Why didn't they just add another bigger size to the end of the spectrum instead of increasing size 5s and rendering those who wear that size at a loss??
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    its happening all over i think. instead of buying packed ones by singles, they're prettier anyway.
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    Maybe they need to shrink up in the wash
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    They make 4s. :yes:
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    They're making more things suited for larger people because the population has more larger people in it. I think the current statistic is that 60% of americans are overweight. Forget the packaged underwear. Buy the single ones when they're on sale and get some sexy thongs too. :laugh:
  6. I do buy the single ones but some of them are expensive and aren't very practical. And I think I'm starting to see the same trend in single sold panties too now :( I'm pretty sure my butt isn't shrinking. It's just pissing me off.
    Built for Sin, they do make 4s now but where I live, you'd be hard pressed to find 4s. Why couldn't they just keep the 5s as 5s???
  7. Dave_N

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