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They are accessing my bank account.they defrauded my money and property.
They tell people I stick bottles into myself.that I watch porn
They stopped me from having friends.from having relationships.
They talk about when I go for a shit.i cant scratch.i cant toych myself the whole town knows.they go through my dirty underwear.they are at my things moving them around.taking stuff.
Hiding my clothes.NO BODY DESERVES THIS.
I rang the bank and told them I dont want them accessing my details.
They actually told them before my details.
I could close them down with that alone.its unreal what im going through.
I own all theirhouses.they locked me up like a dog.
The whole town calls me a dog.
Nobody will help me.

I am sorry this is still going on for you.

I might sound harsh so forgive me. You are intelligent, you are heading to uni. Get out, just get out. If they are taking your money, you change banks, use that money to go move towns/cities. If you own the property, put it for sale, get a loan against this property instead. Use that money to move.

Someone will help you. Call a crisis line, woman shelter or similar. If the gardai won't help then go further out of where you live to seek help.

Get out, don't stay and subject yourself to this stuff. And at this time you should start looking for accommodation for uni.

I'm sorry, I don't know what else to say. You can do this. Make a plan for what you need to do, get things in order and start living your life without this co.ntinuous crap. You have to push yourself to help yourself.

Please take care.


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I have no proof.they are accessing an account I have no proof of.
Nobody will let me rent their place.the shelter wont help me.
I even rang the bank to complain and they denied everything.they rang back the house phone and told my adopted father all what I said.
Nobody will helo me.the social worker lied to me.the doctors lie.i have strangers come up and tell me who my parents are.
I dont know what to do.i have tried every single student place and when thwy find out who I am they want nothing to do with me I even appliedfor volunteer work and they offered me the job until they found out who I was and then they pretended they never even wanted anyone.
Everyone avoids me.its crazy now at this stage.
Maybe keep a journal. All the lies, everytime you get treated unfairly, write it down, alongside date and time. Then find a doctor out of town, and show them. If you are convinced no one within town will help you, it means you have to travel further to get helped. Your life sounds shocking, and as hard as it sounds, you're the only one who can change it. You need to make your voice be heard, you need to get away from that toxic environment. You could pack a bag, and go to a shelter out of town. They would support you.


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I swear to God.i have tried EVERYTHING.
The shelter out of town wont take me.
None of the doctors will help.Even ones in the city.I went to the psych ward desperate and all the patients were barking because I was locked up like a dog for so long my legs twisted and I had to relearn to walk.
One of them even came into the waiting room and questioned me what I was doing there.One of my neighbours who has a son there ran when I came in .Like wtf am I going to do like.
I have to hide my phone ,they go through it constantly.They go through my dirty washing and tell the neighbours Im filthy.They shout about the smell when I use the loo.They try and make me feel dirty.
i walked into the shop today everyone was looking at me and laughing .
Im going out of my mind.
I have been harrassed in jobs.I think they paid the college I went to cos I was bullied terrible there.
Nobody will give me a flat .The bank are shocking to be talking about the bit of savings I have .Then she had the nerve to tell me I had no proof.
I fKing know they have been talking about my money cos I heard them say EXACTLY what was in my account.Theres no way they could have known.
I have no friends.i hear the neighbours calling me a dog .they are watching me now cos I knw who i am and I could drag half the doctors and bank and whatever else down.
I was spiked in one job and I dont even do drugs.I went away for the wkend and met loads of normal people and it was like being normal.
But on the ay back we dropped inot a bar and they were all talking about me in there talking about me having sex and crazy stuff.
When I buy stuff they throw it out here.they hid my thesis from colllege .They 'lose' all my stuff so I feel like Im going mad.All my clothes are hidden deliberately.Nobody could take it.
I even rang the gp today and urone on the phone was trying to arrangle my appointment so nobody i knew would be there.
Everyone knows everything about me ,everything .
NOBODY will help AT ALL,I seriously dont know what to do .when i go into waiting rooms they make it so noone talks .
I am completely isolated.the last psych I caught him out in lies ,he couldnt handle it .He couldnt answer my questions and he admitted freely that i wasnt even mentally ill
I was pumped full of drugs till I put on 7 stone ,and I heard them laughing in the mental health office about how fat i was.
I didnt even need them.
I cant keep a journal cos they go through everything in my room.they would know then what Im doing.
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They pretend to be stupid around me ,I mean like they dont understand basic words.
They watch for in case I bump into people cos nobody is supposed to talk to me.Even the nurse in the gp was laughing about who my mother is.I have strangers coming up saying oh you like porn and whats the password of your account.Its so bad that when I realised that the house was mine and who my father was(hes dead now) that they locked me up against my will for 4 months ,took away my slippers so I couldnt even barely leave the dorm room.
I just heard my 'sister' admit shes been going through my room looking for things while I was gone.I cant hear or smell or touch sensitivity becs of being left to starve and being in the dark.I must have created another personality to cope .I can sleep in my room with my dirty work clothes and smell nothing .
I wake up screaming all through the night .
there is nobody as alone as me.
the abuse is one of the worst cases i have even heard about and Its me thats going through it .
I dont want to live and i dont want to die.
I didnt even know I had any talent cos the school was warned not to tell me.I have gone through my whole life not even knowing that i was pretty or smart or talented.And no i dont love myself .How could I possibly when I have never been shown love ,only abused
Use your phone, go through all the helplines here listed for Ireland, use your phone, call them. Look up support services online incl rape crises center general number, the womans shelters numbers. Call every last one of them. Someone will help, I know they will. There is no way these organizations would ignore your case with everything you have told us here over the past months.

Why can't you leave? You are old enough.

Again, I am sorry this is happening to you. I have tried so many suggestions and I am sorry that I can't be of further help to you.

I wish you the best Starryeyed. You CAN do this.


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Thanks so much Mo .I am trying so hard.
I cant find anyone who will give me accom.The social worker lied to me .I own all my families houses yet Im homeless myself.I even believe people are reading these posts.Im on a forum and two strangers quoted back to me what I said on it.Its a football forum.
I told one girl I met online and she must have told people .Nowhere is safe.
Even the guards stopped me in the middle of nowhere and said to me ,oh you cant go anywhere cos you have no friends.
I cant believe either nobody will help me .Its been going on 34 years now.The shelters wont take me .I will try harder tomorrow to get someone to listen.
Im actually very rich but have no access to my money or anything .People think its funny Im living on welfare and Im so well off.i cant believe either that people would laugh at me being locked up like a dog.
Such is society .Even the psych ward refused to take me .It was bad there anyway cos they were all barking at me.I have gone to solicitors and they also refused.One laughed in my face.


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Youre right Mo.I have been afraid for a long time theyd lock me up again
Four months meds forced on me.i couldnt go through that again
Im not even ill.the last time I said who I was they locked me up.
I am terrified.
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