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  1. silo

    silo Well-Known Member

    i'm new here, but thought i'd give this a try....why not right?
    here's an old and sort of weird one of mine....

    Do I make you want
    To hit me
    Make you nail me to
    The ground
    Cuz I’m naked when
    I’m sober
    And only clean when I
    Come down
    You tie me to your
    Second hand
    Watch me twist away
    The hours
    Think you’ll beat me
    ‘til I’m black as night
    And rape me
    ‘til I cower
    I clothed my dreams
    In venom
    That burns quick
    Like gasoline
    I hope you break your teeth on them
    Though I don’t want to sound mean
    I want to fill your skin with this
    Some brittle burnt up pain
    And I hope the things you’ve done to us
    Quickly make you go insane
  2. Petal

    Petal SF dreamer Staff Member Safety & Support SF Supporter

    Intense poem , good writing :smile:
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