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language + possible trigger:

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Sa Palomera

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I am not sure what to say here. except

how can I hate the guy who created me? I still lov ehim but I hate him so much! why her and not him? . see now I am a horrible person for saying that!
I'm a prat
what's that point

I want to be brutally killed in front of your eyes, so you'll see all the blood. My blood. Maybe that'd blow you down from your fucking castle

Cursum perficio?
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:( I dont know what to say Est, I cannot fucking believe he treats you this way. If I ever get to Holland, I have half a mind to pay him a little visit, his doing so much damage. You deserve to be loved and cared for, I hope somewhere inside he still feels that way about you, and I hope he starts showing it soon.

Sending you a :hug: I know its just some stupid smiley, but you know it would be real if I was there. I hope things get better for you.
I dunno what to say darling :sad: i really don't. I love you to bits and you know that, i hate seeing you hurting so bad like this :sad: I do agree with Matt hun. I'm here if you wanna talk. Love ya.

:cheekkiss :hug:

Sa Palomera

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he's a fucking assshole that's what he is. he will pay for it. hehe he will.
fuckin asshole. lala asshole

grr so much anger inside me
nothing works for letting it out so I'm just bottling it up even more
which makes it even harder to let out

I'm so lost. fucking shit.
I just want to bleeed so much

hmm if I'd have the courage I'd cut off my finger and mail it to him.

Sa Palomera

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I"m sxo fucking angry right now. Fuck you, fuck you fuck you and fuck the world. This is not fair
I know it s all my own fucking fault
I brought it all on myself but why Cant I change it msyelf? why c\ant I fuckihng leave the house and just do it all. just work live love whtaever
no because the world stinks and I suck even more

yeh sure go ahead have me. why not. oh no wait you woldnt want to have "a licked sandwich" as we'd say here. course not. fuck that
fuck me, fuck you, fuck everyone.

I'm going crazy yeh, insane; oh well suits me doesnt it.I']ve always been the disappointment to all of you. each and everyone of you
see I'm weak. I'm a fool I'm a failure I cant even get my own life on track
well fine
I will make changes I will.. hehe you see what change I make. buwhahahaha that's a laugh
this is funny I will make a change lol watch me.

Fucking assshole. I will make this change, a paermanent change lol
you'll laugh your sorry ass off over that.

FUCK IT ALL!!!!!!!!
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