Last chance to break free.

Discussion in 'Mental Health Disorders' started by Woodsmoke, Feb 17, 2012.

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  1. Woodsmoke

    Woodsmoke Well-Known Member

    Have just applied to be a volunteer for the Samaritans. Am hoping that helping others will help me. Last chance saloon? Maybe.

    Sinking, so soon after things were picking up.

    Can't stand this world, can't stand it's tedium and endless round of battles and long, dreary hours.

    Just wont do this anymore, not if this volunteering doesn't work out.
  2. morning rush

    morning rush Well-Known Member

    may I ask what Samaritans are? If I remember correctly they are nuns and priests helping out for free in the world? That's a very courageous move...I hope that it goes well for you and that you find yourself :)
  3. Woodsmoke

    Woodsmoke Well-Known Member

    In the UK the Samaritans are a volunteer organisation (non-religious) who help out people who are feeling suicidal/depressed. You can speak to them by phone, in person or by email/letter. They have a great reputation for giving people strength and I thought that if I can help people in the same situation, I might get better in the process.

    The name, by the way, is not intended as the biblical Samaritan. They are called that because of a newspaper report about them when they first started, comparing them to the Samaritan who helped a man, even though he didn't know him- just out of kindness. :)
  4. Joshua2803

    Joshua2803 Well-Known Member

    im sure you will find some joy in doing this, as the old saying goes, the best happiness comes from giving.
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