Last chance

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    A short sharp shock to the system, a sharp contrast,
    this wont last, living each and every day in the past,
    I don't care, new opportunity to cover old ground,
    there's no sound, the voices inside telling me I'll amount
    to nothing, heard all of them all before, but today
    I say, I don't care, it's not a game I choose to play
    It's your move, while I've been losing all regard and restraint,
    paint a picture of my future, yes it's true I may not be a saint,
    Sinned a million times, spilling blood, cutting flesh, flowing tears,
    throughout the years, trapped in the oppressive darkness of my fears,
    my life is in arrears, peer through the glass, my time is passed,
    and I feel this time my last chance may have just appeared.
    Can I catch it? Or do I watch my life slowly disappear.

    Who knows maybe finally I'll pay my dues and learn my lesson,
    slow progression, caught up in the black clouds of my depression,
    too easy to regress, mind presses thoughts back to the past,
    but I know if I linger there too long, my sanity wont last.
    Am I ready to fight for each and every opportunity I need?
    Am I ready to succeed? Do I have to get down on my knees and plead
    for something to break through, I might hate me, but I love you
    A resplendent constant presence as I fight to,
    the final round. The last battle has come, the bell rings.
    It tolls for me? Is there any escape from the torment that this brings?
    There's only one way to find out, it's high time for a revolution,
    I shout to be let out, a devout searcher for absolution.
    Can I take my last chance? Can I find a solution?


    I'm not sure how well this reads... I started off writing poetry, but honestly it doesn't quite fit a poetic pattern. Sounds much better in my head.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.