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Last day

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Well, its my last day.

Anyone who happens to remember me knows I attempted 8 months ago, this time I know where the plan went wrong and will not repeat that mistake. I have spent that time tring to find an alternative, why there should be one that I hadn't previously exhausted I really do not know. Putting off the unwanted inevitable solution I guess.

Just wanted to say good luck to all those of a similar mind, please consider and then reconsider over and over.

I will have a normal day for the benefit of those around me, those who I have loved and ultimately those who I must do this for.


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Hey ezi. I feel terrible to hear that someone out there is in so much distress. Years ago I was ready to do it, but I kept going. I don't know why. I just had this tiny little hope that one day things would be better. She I kept struggling on.

Please keep struggling on for a while. Life can get better. Sometimes all it takes is meeting one new person. Or in my case I learned that home-schooling was available, and that basically gave me a new chance at life.

I recommend you talk about what bothers you so much here on this forum. Just relieving your heart from all that pressure can do you good.


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Why do you feel the need to end it. Strange question as I want to die as well but I'm fighting it, my question should be why aren't you fighting it what has happened to make you decide you will stop fighting it?
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