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I cant take life anymore, it's just to much for me. I've made up my mind, i'm going to kill myself next week, i doubt anything will stop me from doing it. I'm really a weak person.. I'm depressed all the time, and i just cant work along with other people. I'm shy as hell and therefore it's impossible for me to make friends. All my real friends are people i've chatted with over the internet.

I get mad for things that really doesnt matter. I'm just sitting in my room rotting away, nothing ever changes. And school is killing me, it's so damn hard sitting in a classroom and trying to act normal, when all i really wanna do is just die.

These last weeks i've tryed sooo hard to make things better for myself, and for a while it looked like things were going to get better. But fuck that shit, nothing ever changes.. For some people maybe, but not for me.

I'm not afraid of death anymore, infact i'm looking forward it.
Im really sorry that you feel this way, i really dont know what to say but i felt i should post to let you kno wim here and so is everyone on the forum, we're here for you and will try to help to thru such a difficult time, all i can ask is that you re-consider, and let you know that im here for you along with many others, please re-consider :hug:

sorry for not being much help

vikki x :hug:


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Please don't kill yourself. A lot of people care about you and would be devistated if you were to do anything. Things are going to get better.


that sounds exactly like me. i'm trying meds soon, i don't want to suggest that they're a miracle cure but i have heard good things from someone who used to post here. i know the feeling of school being a hellhole...i just moved to alabama, to a high school with population 600, and they're all arrogant rednecks pumped with testosterone and an extra shot of ignorance :( all i can say is stay strong and know there are other shy people
I have a pretty good idea of how you feel...but killing yourself isnt the way out..., if you want to get to know some new friends, just casually talk to them once in a while...offer to help them if they're having trouble with something in class...or just try your best to be a little bit more outgoing...also, try talking to someone close to you about your situation...they can help you. Just becuase you may feel you have few friends doesn't make it true, and is in my opinion not the worst thing in the world, becuase I personally would rather have a few true friends then a bunchof fake ones.


I agree that not having friend aint the worst thing in the world.. And it's definitely not the reason for my depression. But it does add some sadness being alone all the time.
Airbag said:
I agree that not having friend aint the worst thing in the world.. And it's definitely not the reason for my depression. But it does add some sadness being alone all the time.
I understand how it can be something that could add to your depressed state, but if you would like to share the root of your depression, I would be glad to hear it.
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