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Last Exit

Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by traveller, Apr 14, 2011.

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  1. traveller

    traveller New Member

    Hello everybody.I'm 41 years old and I am approaching the end of my road in this world.I'm a christian, but buddism is closer to my soul.Though I've got my own religion and soul is immortal in it too.I'm very much interested what is after death and hope that in my next life I'll be happy,and my people and my Woman which I haven't met here are waiting for me there!The only thing that I'm nervous about are my brother and mother whom will suffer most,but I try not to thing about it as one cannot escape his destiny.If nothing changes I intend to depart in the end of April-beginning of May.I'm not crazy,but I'm almost happy that I'm doing it and will travel to the other worlds!By the way,I think that suicide is the only fair kind of death as you're doing this with your own will.
    Have read "Last Exit xxxxxxxxxxxx.Feeling almost great.Nobody is immortal.So be it.
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  2. itmahanh

    itmahanh Senior Member & Antiquities Friend

    Death is not a guarantee that the other side will bring you all the happiness you missed in life. I'm 47 and just home from a failed attempt. I'd be very interested to read more about you and what has brought you to this point. I'm a pm away if you want to talk :arms:
  3. Welcome to the forum.. Do you want to tell us more about what is troubling you..? Death is not the solution to all problems.. :hug:

    :hug: Take care.. Please don't try any more attempts.. We need you here..
  4. Lestat

    Lestat Well-Known Member

    And the fact that there is most probably no afterlife so none of that will happen. I wish also that there was... But I know no matter how much I want it it wont come true. All that will happen is you totally die and leave pain for your family. On pearly gates or fluffy clouds for them. Sorry to sound harsh... But I hate to see religion used to justify suicide. Its just a fantasy from old books.
  5. traveller

    traveller New Member

    Well,I realize that there are two possible ways:either there's nothing there,or there's everything.So it's 50/50.Nobody is immortal yet,though in future human beings will live for hundreds or thousand years.Though in cosmic scale it's just seconds.I'm not religious nor am an atheist.I like to apply logic to everything.Where do we come from and where do we go?One of the most important laws of physics says that something cannot be created from nothing,and something cannot disappear and become nothing.So there should be something there.I don't know what it is and cannot prove it,but it's just my own faith and science!
    Of course,on the other way,if I meet tomorrow My Woman whom I've been looking for for my entire life or become rich-two main aims that I haven't been able to achieve,I will change my mind (money still needed to find her).But now I feel that my mission here is coming to its end.
    The only thing that is killing me is my family.How should I notify them to make them suffer least?I have to think it over.
    That's my small story.
    I can't explain you everything as I'm not a writer.I love life and want to stay here as long as it's possible.But just live for another 40 years to come to the same conclusion is a waste of time.It's better to be a happy man for one day and die than to live a simple life for a hundred years and die.And my wish is that in future happy people will be immortal and only unhappy ones will go to become happy in next lives.
  6. Ritsu

    Ritsu Well-Known Member

    NOOO!!! please do not ok I have tried i did not pass and i will never try again it hurts more than words can explain and it is not guaranteed I will not take your choice away but I want to show you the other choice please fight shout show the world you are here show them who you are do not give up yet.
  7. Lestat

    Lestat Well-Known Member

    Its not 50/50. Its more like 99.9/00.1 and thats too high. On a scale you have "there is a god" and show proof and other "no god" and show the proof. The scale you tip as there is no proof. But just because we cant prove that there is no god does not mean there is... If we went by via logic we would never walk outside because I cant prove that a giant moth would not swoop of up and mate with me... Then eat me. But by the logic you said in regards to god I have a 50% chance it would happen? If not, prove it.

    You cant be an none believer. You believe in a god or you dont. Your willing to die for a heaven or your version of one so i'd say your a 100% believer... Plus you say you are a christian "I'm a christian, but buddism is closer to my soul."
  8. solutions

    solutions Well-Known Member

    This is not turning into a religious debate or a debate about the afterlife. That is a dead-end subject that will lead nowhere. The TC's beliefs are his alone, and we have no place judging them. The only thing that matters is whether or not the TC is planning to attempt suicide and why. And the fact that he's thinking of using the xxxx also significant.

    I will share, then, that the classic Final Exit method is much less reliable than most people give it credit for. Your odds of surviving are very good. Most people actively feel the air deprivation as it's happening, and it's an extraordinarily distressing and uncomfortable feeling that makes a great deal of people panic. Even if you make it past that step, which is highly unlikely, there's still more that can go wrong, which I'm not allowed to mention here. I've heard countless stories of people trying the method and inadvertently damaging their brains because of the air deprivation, and their helplessness to stop it because of the sedatives. I wouldn't recommend it.

    Traveller, please, I'm begging you, tell us exactly why you want to kill yourself.
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  9. Lestat

    Lestat Well-Known Member

    This whole thing IS a religious debate. He wants to die for a religious reason. He thinks an afterlife is better. If his mind changed on that it would make his whole argument for suicide fall apart. So thats why I argued with him. This is why religion is so bad. Its a big cause in suicide. How many people say "i'll see family and loved ones in the afterlife?" it drives them and gives them reason to do it. It makes them think its ok and gives them a reward for doing it. Its like offering candy to a child. I bet you if they knew there war nothing, on loved ones, no better place... Just death... Many would not do it. Many WOULD have not even thought it.
  10. Sadeyes

    Sadeyes Staff Alumni

    I have strong Buddhist/Jewish beliefs...I would rather know how to make your time here the most satifying because I know I can be hit by a truck when I go out later, and I have no assurance of anything other than 'now'...What can we do to help you lessen the pain while we are together? Being kind to myself and others is what I try to bring to everything...and as you know from all of the teachings, I am very imperfect...please know I am here if you would l like to look at 'white stones'...all the best and with fondness in my heart...Namaste, नमस्ते ....J
  11. solutions

    solutions Well-Known Member

    Lestat, you know as well as I do that arguing religion never gets anywhere. Do you think you could sway him? Traveller has his deep-seated beliefs, which are not changeable by argument, even if it's sound and convincing. That's the nature of religious debate in the context of suicide prevention.

    All it accomplishes is further strife until the suicidal person decides to cut contact completely. I don't want that to happen.

    He's not a martyr. He's not killing himself for religion. Suicides share a common thread of hopeless situations that the suicidal person believes he can't get out of, and I'm willing to bet that he shares the same thought. He's lived 41 years and suddenly he wants to die. Why now?
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  12. Traveller you said you worry about your mother and brother ... are you willing to leave them and are you willing to leave them in such a horrible way. Families are like a double edge sword, sometimes the fights with my family provoke my suicidal disposition, but then I think about my parents and the pain they have already endured and I can't bear to do it to them.

    In Wurthering Heights the main character has a dream that she died and went to heaven but because she was with out her love she cried so hard the angels flung her out ... I'm Catholic and I believe in a heaven but if I was to be with those I love most how settled would my soul be? Would I cry so hard that I wouldn't be able to enjoy what is supposed to be glorious? With out starting another religious debate, you said you were Christian could you see this as your cross to bear?

    You also said you have two goals "the" woman and money. Go and look for the love of your life nothing is preventing you and there are so many women looking for their own love. It will happen. As for money ... screw it! Yes its nice to have, but all you need is enough to pay the bills and some left over for saving. I'm a teacher, I will never make money, f*ck it because I love my profession (even if there are days I hate my life).
  13. Lestat

    Lestat Well-Known Member

    Well, I totally disagree with you. I also did not say he was a martyr. He is just a normal religious guy who believes this fairy tale that gives him reason to commit suicide.

    Anyway, just in case you are right i'll stop. I think I have made my point. And if you are right i'll say sorry...
  14. traveller

    traveller New Member

    Michio Kaku and Stephen Hawking are the most advanced scientists of today.I always try to apply a science to every matter first of all.The most important thing that I have realized based on human being's achievements for the last 1 million years is that earlier or later he makes all his dreams come true!Just recall Stanley Kubrik's "Cosmic Odissey".Yesterday we were monkeys,today space travel is a fact.If there is no God,he himself will become One.So everything is possible!I'm not a religiuos person,but I believe in progress and evolution.If there are no other worlds there will be created!Common,you may even say that there are no aliens in the Universe.That's not possible!Of course I cannot prove anything that I am talking about,but nobody can't prove the opposite as well.We cannot explain today even how all the planets are attracted to each other.We talk about Dark Energy and Dark Matter just to describe it.
    I love my family,but my time has come.Though,a miracle is always possible.
    God bless everyone and make everyone happy in no time!!!
  15. traveller

    traveller New Member

    Ave, Caesar, morituri te salutant!
  16. Traveller all religion and theories aside, please don't do anything.
    "Hail Emperor those who are about to die salute you" ???
    ... Again you said you worry about your mother and brother, before you do anything why don't you look at the posts by people who have lost family members to suicide.
  17. Besides your on this site ... if your here there must be something deep down that is urging you to live ... why else would you share?
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