Last night was fun :D

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    Despite feeling crap whilst getting ready to go out, I actually did have fun last night, so thought I'd share the hilarious details of what happened with ya'll, to see if it makes you laugh!
    First off, I was on the DLR (Docklands Light Railway) to Deptford to meet my friend, but she text me, to tell me she was going to be half hour late. So I decided rather than waiting in the cold, I'd go to Canary Wharf on it and back, which was so funny because it was packed and nobody could stay on their feet.
    Then I got off at Deptford, and was waiting for her at half seven, and I got a phone call from my friend Paul telling me to look behind me, and there he was (we hadn't arranged to meet there or anything!)
    So by the time Lind turned up, we were already late for this meal (it was a goodbye meal/drinks/clubbing for my other friend who is going back to New York)
    So we decided to get two bottles of wine, and go back to Pauls and join them at 10pm after they'd had their meal, and were going for drinks.
    So we got slightly pissed at Pauls, and then had to run for the bus (I was wearing bloody heels!!). Got the bus to central London, and met the others to go to the Verve bar, but they wouldn't let me in because I hadn't brought my drivers license (dont like taking that thing out, it took me six months to get a replacement after the last time I lost it!) so everyone else went in, and Lind and I went to a shop, got another bottle of wine, and ended up in a gay club on tottenham court road which was so funny because we were in the Ladies toilets, doing our make up and drinking the wine, and these guys came in, in only boxer shorts, covered in glitter and mad eyeliner! So we had a good giggle with them, and then left the bar to go to the club with the others. We were in the club, but we refused to go in because although we were supposed to be on the guestlist, they'd fucked up and wanted to charge us a tenner each. We all said fuck that, so then they were going to go somewhere else, but I decided to head home. Heels were hurting, so when I said bye to the others in Trafalgar Square, I took them off. And walked to the night bus stop in my socks. No night bus as it hadn't started yet. So I got a bus to Herne Hill (in my socks). Then had to wait 40 minutes for a train home (in my socks).
    Got back to Beckenham, and then walked home (in my socks). It was just soo funny!!! And was excellent to catch up on all the gossip, but now am tired and groggy (not hungover!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) but my mates coming over later so that should be fun too :D And I just missed a sodding phone call. Who was that, I wonder???
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    sounds like a great night, im glad you had so much fun!
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