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last night

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Last night I needed sleep really bad so I popped two sleeping pills thinking it would help me sleep, I got tired and drowsy yes, but everytime i shut my eyes and tried to calm myself down all i kept hearing was peoples screaming voices. I don't know if that means anything or what it means at all it matters. It was the worst feeling ever, i've never experienced it before in my life. I don't know why it happened at all..if anyone could offer some insight on this it would be excellent. I know I'm on emtional overload this week but, screaming voices as I'm trying to sleep :blink: I dont know and mind you hey were just over the counter Tylenol PM's that i took.

Any thoughts?


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Maybe your subconscious? I dunno really...what did you see/here and of what significance was it to you? Embodiment of fears perhaps?
Sometimes lack of sleep causes hallucinations...maybe the Tylenol just brought them out?

Hope you can make sense of my jumbled reply...I'm lacking sleep also.
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