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Discussion in 'Self Harm & Substance Abuse' started by theladthatlovedyou, Nov 20, 2007.

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  1. i cut again last night, i'm sorry lindsay. i was just listening to some music, and then i picked up the knife. right above the last one on my ankle. didn't make me feel better. i don't feel anything now.
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    I am truely sorry you felt the urge to s.a. lady. As you point out, it didn't make you feel better and now feeling nothing.

    Cutting thought to ease what is disturbing, the bottom problem or issue faced, yet we must admit that once the harm done, it all comes back and stronger it gets cos you found a way out of 'feeling the problem' but how long does it last? A few seconds? Few minutes? What good have you gotten at the end? We end up facing again and again the problem like a circle yet nothing is done onto the why we cut or harm.

    Lady, now that not even harming yourself does you no good even for a moment, why not look into getting help in what the bottom problem is?

    A good counselor, a friendly psi, social worker perhaps depends on where you live, could perhaps help you some? I am truely sorry you feel the way you feel as I know how it feels like. I am an 'ex' sa for 14 years but i will never forget as it is part of my being, part of my life baggage.

    One can get thgouth it and come out as well hun. Look into getting help lady, should you feel the need to talk (write) or vent, you can count on me.. just pm me.

    Big :arms:

  3. i'm truly mean this, i'm not being sarcastic in anyway. being serious right now:

    it always puts a smile on my face when the people here say lady- i don't know why, i guess i think it's funny because it's my own fault (i should have put spaces between the words in my user name). anyway, for future reference it's "lad". :laugh:
    Also, thanks for taking the time to write. but i don't think i can go to a counselor- i just can't let my parents know that i do this, it would really hurt them.
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    Bejeezezzzzz i've done it again... so sorry hun. if you read my posts, any post for that matter you will see how many mistakes i make :huh: i usually write backward so reading what i type is hell at times not to mention reading oopssssss i know a big problem. ok passing onto the bottom of your reply,
    lad is for either lady or lad (english term for boy) and 'lass' for girls so really messing up my brain these new terms you youngsters come up with :laugh:

    Lets go serious for a second or two now. :wink:

    You say that you can't go toa counselor but why ? Even minors can see counselors and for free. I see you are in Texas. The school, college and Universities offer counseling as far as I know. Your parents do not have to be informed about it. You can inform yourself anonymously about it if you worry that they will tell your parents.

    Now, I do not have any idea as to your relationship with your parents yet I am a parent, well way pass the parenting stuff at my age hahahaha hum ok back to serious but hard when thinking of my age sorry :)

    Should you parents find out the hard way, it will be way worse than being told by you. DONT FREAK YET and hear me out will you.

    I mean you do not have to tell them up front and bang mom and dad that's what i do to relief the stress or else type thing.

    But you can let around, even in your room, material talking about this and ohter issues about depression, self harm, etc as if you were investigating the psicologoly field for perhaps studies of some sort? perhaps you want to study psi so that would set ground to discussion about different optics and issues of the mind (and problems obviously) and bring forth an open comunication asking for them to read those things and give you their comments, discussing it with them, even those that are irrelevant to your own problem to beging with till you feel they are ready to hear you out.

    Just a suggestion....... but nothing is taboo than what we choose to be and make of a topic. If it is taboo for you, it can only be for those round you so no communication possible. makes sense?

    wishig you a good ending day and please be safe

    granny (yeah as in grandma so that clears that too for all that ask or wonder)
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