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Last nights dream

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i dream alot. and i usually just pass it off as 'just another dumb dream' but this one seemed diffrent. im gonna type it and see if i can make any sense of it.

early hours in the morning,i was laying awake in my bed. I could hear really heavy breathing, i knew that it wasnt me, but every time i stopped breathing, so did the heavy breathing.
I saw a lump behind my curtains, i freaked out jumped out of bed and run to my door... but the lump didnt move. So i worked up the corage to go see... i run towards it, jumped on my curtains and pulled them aside.
There was a girl sitting on the ground, she didnt flinch. She just kept staring out the window, she had her knees to her chest holding her self in a ball. Her skin was pale, ghostly pale, she had cuts on her wrists... She looked like me!! but pale and skinney. Its like she was breathing but dead inside

I was freaked i run back to my door and started screaming, but nothing was coming out, i couldnt scream! so i went in to pannic and started kicking, but i wasnt able to hit anything!! i was trying to call out for help, but nothing was coming out!! The girl was still looking out the window.
the i woke up all stressed...

this dream ment something to me...I think that girl was the 'future me' i know that sounds pathetic, but she looked alive, but tired and dead inside (which is just how i feel) she was skinney and pale... i hardley ever go out in the sun and i am loosing alot of weight...
me screaming but no one could hear, sounds alot like me in life...

i dont know, i just thought i would type it and see what you think
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