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Hoy hoy.
I've been here a while. I hope I don't stay all that long, but would like to thank each of you in advance, no matter whether we ever speak or not.
I'm 16, nearly 17. I'm male, and to my knowledge asexual, though that may be the depression. If I even am.
My doctor suggested I may be suffering about 2 months ago, and gave me the number of a counsellor. I'm still waiting for an appointment.

Cutting the life status out of it, I hope I can be of some form of service. If anyone needs to talk, try me. I sleep on occasion, but am available most evenings. PM me if you want to talk or want me to talk. I'm terrible at initiating conversation, but love to discuss things. ^__^
Discussions are fun :biggrin:
If you like discussions you could try the Soap Box or, if you want to get involved in debates, go on over to our sister site AfterDark where there is a Debating forum :biggrin:
:welcome: (a bit late) anyway :)
Take care, and I'm always open to PMs too :)

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