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last time you cried

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I listened to Sinead O'Connor singing "feel so different" on Youtube and I found myself in tears because I hadn't heard it for years and now I really do feel so different...

Growing Pains

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I... honestly can't remember. I'm fairly certain it was recently because of the loss of my dog... but as for crying just in general (as in not mourning), I think it might have been a few weeks ago.


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The meds I'm on keep me from crying for the most part. I get teary over touching scenes in a show now but that's just a momentary thing.

I think my last cry was when my sister died.

I used to cry over any little thing. If it weren't for my meds that would still be happening.


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I have my on and off periods. But I also have my reasons when I cry. I only really cry when I have had enough.

For example I cried a couple weeks ago as I was scared about going into uni. Turns out that it is okay. I haven't made any true/real friends yet though.

I wish I could live on campus.
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