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**Last Time Your'll Hear From Me **

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Well i've been talking to someone from here on MSN about how someone hurt me. Pretty badly in fact. Now they've been upset by the same person. I dunno if i can take this.

Talking to them about it just made me reaslise how MUCH they hurt me, words can't even describe i hurt i was and how hurt i still am. Its gonna hurt for a long time. Even thinking about it now had made me start crying.

Hurt so bad that i took an overdose over it, over what happened. The person don't know that what they said lead to that. Unfortunately i didn't take the amount i wanted to and now im fine. Which sucks because if i was strong enough to go thru with it i wouldn't be feeling this pain right now.

So i wouldn't be surprised if you didn't see me around here in the up coming weeks, maybe not even at all. Will not be on MSN. Y'all might never see my name again. Good thing right.

For those of you with my number, especially Ester please delete it, its for your own good. You don't need to know where i am or where im going. Where im going is the best place for me, the best place for you all. I refuse to feel hurt like this any more. Every time im here or on MSN i feel hurt by the one person i don't wanna get hurt off. It's never gonna be the same again and i don't like it at all.

So guess this will be my last thread for awhile or maybe my last one ever.

So take care all, i love you all

Vikki x
vikki I hope that whatever you decide to do, you think through carefully. If leaving SF is what you feel to be the best thing, then maybe it is. I do not want you to lose the support system you have found here though. Please don't isolate yourself from the people that want to support you. Stay in touch with at least a few. We will miss you here. You have made an impact on many people. Please take care and stay safe. :hug:


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No matter how much pain you've been through, it's not worth your life. It hurts. Lots of things in life hurt. I've been through quite a lot of hurt myself. But the real special thing is, coming out of the hurt with a positive view of the world. Now that's hard. It's just.....so easy to become cynical and hate everything....but that's not the way to live, or to die for the matter. Do you really want to look back and all you see is pain, hurt, sorrow? When I die, I will look back and see good things. I've been dealt the bad hand in life ALOT...and I have in the past become cynical, and I hated the world for a good amount of my life. But now, I choose to enjoy my life. Keep in mind, after a storm, there's blazing sunshine. The bad times make the good times all the more worth it. Just hang on, hang on and soon that dark room you're living in will be illuminated. It will be full of bright light, and you'll be happy. Just hang on, trust me, it's worth it.


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Oh fuck, eyes cant keep dry these days, though i can never properly cry. Vikki I love you, you are such a beautiful person and have helped so many. You are strong minded and are always putting others first, if you truely want to go then i cannot stop you, but i do ask you to stay, not just for us, but for you. Though if it hurts.. then perhaps its better you did go? Not leave this planet, but leave SF.. Please dont give up on the world, we need more people as beautiful as you.

Please take care,
God Bless,
Ally x


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Vikki please, please, PLEASE take care of yourself. Please dont hurt yourself :(. I "think" I might know about the situation your talking about, and im still working through it. Things will be ok though. In time your pain will heal from this, you have a wonderful future, please dont throw it away.

You can contact me any time on MSN, you know that, any time. Please take care of yourself :hug:
Hun there is no consequences, we sorted everything out right?

It's not only this its other stuff in my life right now, things i havn't told you. It's just worry and upsetting me, I'm hurting over alot of things. The last few weeks i've been feeling really suicidal :sad: as you might know but some of the things i've been doing.

Just dis-regard anything i say, nothing matters. all that matters is thet your safe and well.

*hug attack*
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