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  1. The last goodbye
    I’ll ever say
    Without further adue
    Will be today

    I cant go on
    Living this lie
    The only thing I can do now
    Is die

    Maybe you’ll be sad
    Maybe you’ll regret
    But I’ll be in heaven
    Trying to forget

    Your words have hurt
    My heart enough
    I don’t need this
    No more being tough

    My body is broken
    My soul is sad
    I don’t know these feelings
    Just know that they’re bad

    Take away your eyes
    And feel relief
    No more looking at me
    And only feeling grief

    You’ve taken away
    So much from me
    My box is almost empty
    Why could you never see?

    Feeling the hate
    And regret you feel
    Well I am here now
    and its all too real

    I want to float
    Away from it all
    High up in the sky
    Without having to fall

    The love you say
    You have for me
    Is a fairy tale
    Where could it be?

    Feeling my body
    Going cold
    My soul has left
    And I will never be old

    What do you feel
    Now that I am gone?
    Releif? Regret?
    But you’ll go on

    Take this to heart
    And just don’t think
    Maybe you took me
    To my brink

    The wall is crumbling
    Faster an faster
    There’s no more time left
    To try and plaster

    Im sorry for the pain
    That I caused you
    All the things you said
    Were probably true

    Read this letter
    And take a bow
    You’ve created a monster
    And you didn’t even know how
  2. Petal

    Petal SF dreamer Staff Member Safety & Support SF Supporter

    Hi an welcome to the forum!

    Thanks for sharing.. I enjoyed reading it :)
  3. total eclipse

    total eclipse SF Friend Staff Alumni

    very revealing sorry you are suffering I am glad you are here you reached out for some support. Good write.
  4. thanx :) wrote it a while ago...
  5. sorry

    sorry Member

    How wonderfully you made your emotions come through in it....great poem
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