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If you're feeling suicidal (don't worry, I'm not), wouldn't a good way to try to kill yourself be to attempt to work yourself to death? I say "a good way", because you are almost certain to fail - it's extremely rare that anyone does actually die from overwork. Although you will probably fail, you can still tell yourself that overwork is how you're going about achieving your aim of committing suicide. I know that people who feel suicidal often lack motivation to do anything, but if you feel suicidal you have no right to object to working hard, because being suicidal means you don't care about yourself, and if you don't care about yourself, it's not logical to care about the effort of work or the exhaustion that will come from working too hard. So go on, try to work yourself to death. If you're unemployed it doesn't matter - do voluntary work, or exhaust yourself through applying for every single job you can find.

And after working your socks off for a few days, you will certainly appreciate at least one thing that you have in life, namely a good night's sleep, which you might just allow yourself once in a while. So you are getting some pleasure out of life. And maybe after a few weeks of trying to kill yourself by overwork you will find that you have created something in your work. Surely now you don't want to kill yourself and leave that behind? It needs you to develop it further. You may also find that you've earnt some money. Well, if you kill yourself now, you won't be able to take that money with you, so it would be better to spend that money on having a good time than to kill yourself. Don't worry about spending it like this - you're talking about saving your life here - considerations about whether you should be saving money for your future pale into insignificance compared to that. After you've had a good time with your money, I wouldn't be surprised if you start feeling a little bit more grateful to be alive. But probably it will only be temporary, because your money is gone. So get back to your mission to kill yourself through overwork. And repeat this over and over. Eventually I think you will find a balance between working and living that makes you wonder why on earth you ever wanted to kill yourself.

Sorry if I'm being insensitive to people who are suicidal - I don't really have much appreciation of what it's like. And if you really are incapable of any sort of work, then I suppose this doesn't hold up. But still I'd be interested to know what people think of this line of thinking.
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