Laugh, Lease, Love

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    The first time she laughed
    I thought it was the sound of the world
    coming apart.
    The second time she laughed
    I realized it was the sound of me
    falling to pieces.
    The third time
    I understood
    that it was both
    and neither
    pieces and the whole
    falling apart
    and falling into place.
    She told a story
    and a saw a new bit of the universe.
    I showed my weakness
    and for the first time in my life
    had someone reach out a hand
    grind the destruction to a halt
    and tell me I was worth too much for that.
    She was the first.
    The first person
    who’s fierce joy
    made me believe
    that I could love and have it be healthy.
    They were the only people
    who ever proved to me
    that religion plus humanity
    does not always equal intolerance
    and cruelty.
    Such beautiful things to find.
    Such a joy to know.
    So grievously difficult to leave
    but worth the knowing
    despite any aftereffects.
    A new lease
    one that perhaps I did not deserve
    but which I will take
    and run with
    and try to do right by.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.