Laughing at others' expense...

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  1. Emerald Hyperion

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    I'm sure some people must've have gone through it at one point in their lives... perhaps there was a time when you were feeling very downtrodden and it was so blatantly obvious, yet all anyone could ever do was simply laugh at your expense like it was some kind of joke.

    I hate it when people do that crap... they know how to laugh and carry on with their ridiculous daily phoniness and the moment you seek some kind of serious advice or help, all they do is laugh at you give you a bunch of bullshit for it. It's so sickening. Then it again, it proves who's real and who's a fake, it pretty much separates the ones that actually care and the ones that don't.

    I just hate the phoniness people have told me when they start going "I'm your friend and I care, blah blah blah," and god only knows when you may need a bit of comfort or a piece of advice, all of sudden everyone takes you for granted or they just laugh it up at your expense like its one big fat joke.

    I'll admit, I do drink a lot of beer when I'm depressed and I tend to let my depressive side out, but when people think my misery is something to laugh about, it makes me remember in the end, all I have is me, myself, and I.

    (This wasn't directed at anyone here on the forum, I was just letting out some bottled up steam... I was having a bad night).
  2. Forgotten_Man

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    I hear you, the only phoniness that is just as bad is fake concern. When I appear really down at work my boss wants to lend an ear. Not because he cares about my mental health, but because he does not want my productivity to suffer.

    I am sorry those who call themselves your friends are so worthless. I hope you can find some comfort here.
  3. Emerald Hyperion

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    I agree with you there, Forgotten_Man... fake concern is horrendous. And in the working world, a person could be going through a breakdown and the first thing they care about is if the work itself is going to be affected. It reminds me of a similar scenario that happened to me at my old job a few years ago.

    Worthless is the perfect word to describe the people I know.

    But thank you, after getting some sleep and clearing my head I feel better now. I hope it stays that way...