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My ' mother ' laughed and mocked me into my face that I have no friends.that I have been abused my whole life.she thinks its funny.
Shes evil I mean it.i hear them talking about if I go for a shit.
Its really bad.i know they have money belonged to me.i know imnot theirs.
Nobody will help me.not one person.its not funny.
I remember being locked up and left to starve.i know the doctors want me to beliebe this is not real but I can remember.how could I forget.i was left to defeacate and urinate myself.then I was punished for doing that.
Thrn she said that the reason I have no friends and am single is people are afraid of me.
Yeah right.
Hi starry

It sounds like you've been through alot, I know it's a hard step to take but if this has happened or is happening to you now I suggest you move to a safe place such as a friends or even a public space and phone for some help. People like the police and social workers will be more then happy to help you and take you out of such a volatile situation.

Take care and be strong



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The social worker is a lovely person but she said I should smile at people.i cant smile.look at my life.everyones trying to pass off that im mentally ill.
I know how my parents are my real parents but if i.pipe up ill be locked away again
I know now that its not normal to drive around and be treated like this.
I dont know what to do.everyone thinks im stupid.


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Everyone else is happy.i lie in bed dying while they spend all my money.
How can nobody think to help me.there was a woman.jailed for 24 years for letting her kds starve.the same thing happened to me and noone is helping me.
They talk about even when I go to the toilet.
This abuse case will go so deep.how many people will lose their jobs ?
It's time for you to stand up and fight back. Fight back your own money, fight back your own happiness and fight back the nasty words from your mother.. How can a parent laugh and mock at their own child.. If she is nasty to you, try being nasty back to her.. don't let things get into you..as far as i know, no one is stupid.. only those who loved to labelled others as stupid are the real stupid ass in the world..!



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She isnt my real mother.i have no proof of this but I hear everyone say it
And I know inside that she couldnt be.
If I speak up they tell me ill be lying on the road.
I have a feeling I own the house anyway but cant prove thst either.
They all drink and have everything.i have.nothing.
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