Lauren's murder

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    Lauren was killed July 19th. She was just 18 years old. She just graduated HS and was looking forward to college. I never knew Lauren or her family, but I have been crying every day just thinking about what happened to her.

    Everything she did was beautiful... Ever since the news broke on TV, I have felt like I lost a friend of my own even though we never met. I feel like there is a connection between us. I think about her 24/7 and have fallen asleep crying every night since it's happened.

    I'm a 19 year old male who last posted on this site when I was 16 and using a lot of alcohol. Since then I've had many accomplishments but also many failures. Within the last year, I did poor my first year in college and got arrested for drunk driving. Lauren had some hard times in her life too, but she moved on and things were looking up for her. She graduated a semester early with high honors and was very passionate about art... she had her whole life ahead of her... I feel so bad for her family and friends and pray for them all the time. I have also realized that my depression has really surfaced with a vengeance.

    Lauren was a lot like me in many respects and she was almost a year younger than me. I truly love her and I wish I could have been killed instead of her. I would like to do anything possible to comfort her family, but during such a tragedy they also need their privacy. I have not really told anybody in real life this, because they would probably just think I'm obsessive. I look at her pictures and her artwork all the time though and cry... yet I can't turn away from it because I feel connected.

    Why do I feel so much grief over the loss of a person I've never met?
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    The death of a young person in such a tragic way is always hard to understand. You may not have known her but you can relate to her and what was going on in her life. It makes you realize how little control we actually do have over our lives. It can all be taken away in an instant. :hug:
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    Umm, I'm sorry, but who's Lauren? :unsure: