laws of nature are very generous

Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by ramicule, Mar 27, 2015.

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  1. ramicule

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    The physical laws of nature allow every conscious being on earth a life that is.. happy. They allow everyone to live without day to day material want; to be aided and comforted; to love and be loved; to understand and learn; to appreciate and feel abstract and tangible beauty; to thrive; to be at ease in the mind; to be happy.

    What is utterly staggering and improbable is that life arose, that life like humans who could FEEL deeply arose. That the above state of true happiness would be true for every person is not so amazing given that we exist at all: it's actually very "easy" comparatively. Yet it's not true and it means enduring suffering for many of us. What is easily possible right now in this world is not true for no good reason. There's no ultimate reason behind anything anyway. I want to be a happy accident. I am a stupid miserable accident. Time to shut up and lie down and stay down forever.
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    I think the stuff life dishes out to us is because we can handle it while others can't.
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    I'm not sure we can measure happiness in all cases. Is a crab happy? Or is it just being a crab? How about spiders? Do they ever laugh? Material wants are a by-product of years of conditioning from the media, feeding into a basic instinct. Even the caveman dressed himself in clothes, and even the most basic of tribes would have elders who wore better necklaces or head-dressings. We're pre-programmed to want things - as we are to be social.

    Take dogs as an example, they evolved from Wolves. Dogs are pre-programmed to be friends with humans, and to look to humans for food and comfort. Seriously. I am homing a rottweiler now - and she lived in a field with other dogs for 9 whole years. She should be impossible to house train, and be fearful of humans. Yet she's incredibly loving, and was house trained from day one.

    Life is an amazing wonderful thing. Some of us - everyone here - have just suffered an accident, that's all. We can recover.

    While I'm thinking of it - I want to throw out a belief I have that doesn't relate to this site. I 100% know in my heart and mind that we're not alone in the universe. I'm not talking about God and faith, that's a whole other thing. What I'm saying is, I don't doubt, even for a second, that there is sentient life out there on another planet. I simply can't get my mind around the idea that it couldn't be so. We've just yet to meet up. The universe is a big place. But we're not alone. I don't know what they look like, what they think, what they've created for themselves. But one day we'll know.
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