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  1. ninap41

    ninap41 Member

    I've had at least 1 or two everyday for the past week. I can't control myself. when i eat anything i seem to be obsessed with ridding it from my body and detoxing. anyone else have this trouble?
  2. Anni

    Anni Well-Known Member

  3. ninap41

    ninap41 Member

    is it possible for your body to become dependant on them? cause i don't want that. :(
  4. alison

    alison Well-Known Member

    Yes, it is. I'm not sure exactly, but I've heard it can cause either really bad constipation.. or it could go the other way and cause maladsorption/chronic diarrhea/lost control of stools.

    Also, I don't know if this helps you or not, but they're not blocking any calories from getting absorbed - by the time the laxatives start working it just moves things along quicker. that's at least what my dietician says =/

    I don't mean to sound judgey though - I've definitedly used them too. That nice, cleaned out, light feeling is pretty addictive. They don't cause any good though.. be careful *hug*
  5. whiskeylullaby

    whiskeylullaby Well-Known Member

    yes you can become dependant on laxatives. easily. especially if you take them as a sort of detox method daily for extended lengths of time. there is a reason the warnings and directions on the label exist, google it.
  6. Aurora Gory Alice

    Aurora Gory Alice Well-Known Member

    I used to be very dependent on laxatives. I now have IBS, you're better off flushing your system with water it is the only true way to detox. I know you are taking the laxatives as a way of not purging but the truth is they don't rid your body of the calories anyway - because it's all been digested by then and what comes out is just waste product.
  7. pinkpetals33

    pinkpetals33 Well-Known Member

    oh YES! It throws off the ph balance in your lower colon and the natural contraction of your colon. I use to abuse them so bad until 2 whole packages stopped working.

    Some of it as anything else,, gets absorbed in the bloodstream.

    Do you only use them when you binge?
  8. ninap41

    ninap41 Member

    yes usually only when i binge and in combination with a workout.

    and i do drink like 10 cups of 8 fluid ounces a day with cayanne pepper. i know it's not good.
    thanks for the information though, i really appreciate it
  9. lonercarrot

    lonercarrot Well-Known Member

    you don't want to fuck with laxatives especially if your diet is bad. They will mess up your kidneys. and it only takes a few months. (talking from experience)
  10. plates

    plates Well-Known Member

    I've heard horror stories of laxative dependency. It sounds like it's getting to be a compulsion for you- personally the laxative horror stories from women who were pretty much dying through their use deterred me from trying anything big.
    I purged the other way when I used to... or through exercise, and ended up in a bad way and was dying through that instead.

    Do you see a therapist for your ED? And there are other ways to detox- through eating! and lots of good food that won't make you gain weight fast :smile: cos like others said, long term use might just lead to constipation and long term damage to your bowels.
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  11. Freud

    Freud Member

    Laxatives abuse can lead to intestinal paralysis. Which means your intestines may become "lazy" performing their job (like peristaltic, moving the contents towards the anus)
  12. alison

    alison Well-Known Member

    In case you wanted another anecdotal reason not to use laxatives, a few days ago I became really dehydrated because of them and passed out. And now I have a bump on my head! lol/sigh
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