Layne Staley/Kurt Cobain

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    He wanted peace and quiet too.
    Had everything but wanted out---What do you do when you get to this point?????????

    Drug overdose. Staley had battled heroin addiction for years. He injected a lethal combination of cocaine and heroin (known as a "Speedball") and died as a result. He died on or about 5 April 2002 in his Seattle, WA condo, but was not found until 2 weeks later. He was 34.

    Notes of interest:

    Layne died 8 years to the day of Kurt Cobain (Nirvana).

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    Very sad to hear about both. :(
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    Your brain changes and you lose the fear of death(fear of the unknown) and realize that whatever is on the other side cannot be as painful as living.

    I had never spoken of suicide to anyone online or in real life until after I decided I could and would go through with the final exit. Now it's like planning a trip. Going over plans, buying materials etc. Once I have everything in place, tested and ready to go....?

    I will go...imho

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    I have worked in the pharmacy industry and also drug/alcohol rehab.
    I have and know the RX i need but went to get something a little more sure and ran into someone at the same store. They said nothing about the xxxx in the cart. Traveling to the east coast by car. I need to make a decision and quit talking and thinking. I have been glued to the movie THE FINAL DESTINATION 1-2-3-4---I need to go that quick.
    This is a very personal thing for me.
    I did talk to a friend and they suggested a hospital in Texas---deals with trauma, addiction,self-harm, PTSD...etc.
    I have already been to so many hospitals and worked in this helping field---I think that is where the hoplessness comes from....
    I have always been the one that helps others and I have nothing left but to starve myself and sleep etc...
    I need to make the decision----I feel stupid even sharing this----I CAN'T be a coward on this one. I hope I can go home to God or whoever...:cake::cake::cake::cake:
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    Hi IZ! Don't feel stupid.
    Your among peeps who are or have been where you are.
    I am one of those peeps who is where you are.
    Msg me or something. Tell me what's going on.

    I've found in the past week or so that going public(but anonymously) is a great way to sort out the noise in your head. Let's face it, what we are talking about is probably the BIGGEST major Life event that anyone can confront. I know I feel "clearer" about where my head is at, and that has brought a sense of calm.

    I'm here if ya wanna talk! Kevin