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    (This one is more of a riddle, and was indeed inspired by my name)

    Prompted by sadness I leap to the rescue at your behest,
    propelled by fiery gusto

    Though it seems I may be hard, authoritative,
    you find that I am soft, malleable as I enter

    As I pass through, I expand and embrace all that corrodes you:
    ailments, fears, responsibilities that weigh upon your shoulder and memories that weigh upon your mind

    When I depart you, the cleansing of all of those ills reveals a deep void
    Because I am the be-all solution, you are left with an end-all result
    You have paid the ultimate price

    What am I?
  2. Ohhhhhhhh...!
    WOW, that is purely stunning LS!!!
    (now that I know the answer)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.