leader of my heard (flock, pack, etc)

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    I dont feel people understand how much my animals mean to me, from my cat (not mentioned in this particular poem, haha cuz i dont lead her by any means!) to my dogs, and chickens, horse and sheep. i know i am the leader of them. i must set an example, be patient yet firm, love yet show tough love. i know i must be strong, yet open hearted to them. To me they are all that i give to them. They listen and dont judge, keep secrets better than any human, and have unconditional love. I hope you guys will understand this more from my poem.

    people dont understand the joy of pets
    the conection with animals
    the understanding and love they give
    so much from them you can get.

    from them i demand so much,
    i get no less than the utmost respect,
    they know that i am the leader,
    they know its not just trust.

    we have a structure built,
    we are parters, friends, not just one
    we work as a team, no i in that
    its not an even playing ground, still.

    they know i demand obedience though,
    they cannot run free and wild
    i require their best of behaviour
    i know i will get it, i dont just hope.

    I am the leader of my herd.
    My heard of horses, sheep and such,
    i am more than just one,
    of many, yet im no longer the worst.

    i am the mama of my flock.
    the chickens know who is in charge.
    i love them, though know many sad futures,
    still, disobey me, they do not.

    I am the alpha in my pack,
    my dogs know what is expected of them,
    when they disobey they know what comes,
    yet together we are srong, you cannot beat that.

    i am the leader of my kindom,
    i know my animals- every singe one,
    the personaliies and characters that do come,
    and i truely do need them.

    To me they are more than you know,
    my friends, family, army, much more though
    they hold almost all my love, never let go,
    I hope with this knowledge we all can grow.
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    Pets do give so much to us
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