Leaky Fossets of Truth

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  1. Prof.Bruttenholm

    Prof.Bruttenholm Well-Known Member

    With the ever growing number of secrets pouring forth from the now cracked damn of secrecy that private organizations hired by the U.S. government were meant to maintain, the trust and belief in said government wanes as they go from more virtuous defenders of the peoples rights and public servants to cloak and dagger like scenarios of black hooded members of a secret cult trying to take over the world.

    The above scenario is a bit of hyperbole but what it is based on is not false, more and more we learn about information that proves that we are not allowed any modicum of privacy anymore, not just online but in our homes, we can be monitored and observed without any need of our consent.

    This is not the only issue that is growing in the U.S. today, the growing poverty issue, as it stands much of the middle and lower classes in America control only 7% of the money in the country, meanwhile, 1% control 40% of the money, that means about 3 to 4 million people control nearly half of the nations wealth while more than half the nations population control less than ten percent, not only that but because of limited financial control the middle and lower classes only control .5% of all stocks and bonds.

    Along with that, roughly 10% of the population of America is incarcerated, meaning that the U.S. has the largest prison population on the planet and while crime has shown to gone down, the prison population has grown, the severity of punishment for petty crimes has increased and now private corporations help control a large part of the U.S. jailing/prison system.

    Most people reading this will say, So? and why shouldn't they?
    The average U.S. citizen is becoming a sheep, passive to the new masters control, the advance of which has been subtle and slow.

    The U.S. congress is stale-mated as seats open up and none desire to fill them and partisanship grows and a lack of work also grows.

    Meanwhile, the mainstream media, currently controlled by ratings and the demands of investors has changed from the 4th estate, the strong words that could change the scope of history to a series of blathering fools chasing every story to fill up a 24 hour news station to keep viewers eyes glued to the screen.

    Any attempt at enlightening the public or giving them the transparency they so demanded when the last presidential race was being run is met with a call for the head of those whom supposedly "jeopardized national security", the whistle blower is labeled a traitor and patriotism is used like a sword to stab through the heart any who desire to inform the public of illegal or immoral activity.

    The list grows as Banks whom until recently were not allowed to control physical goods as it would raise inflation in the market, are suddenly doing just that, Goldman Sachs attempts to do so now as it purchases large amounts of aluminum to hold as the inflation already has begun.

    What can be found as the worst of all is the lack of any acknowledgement or any sign of caring from the American public.
    The same American public who used to march in the streets for civil rights, protest for women's right to vote, who stood against the tide of oppression and helped to build a strong and powerful nation now sits at the bottom rung of the social ladder.

    We are number 7th in freedom in a recent poll, the number one winner was New Zealand.
    ...7th in literacy
    27th in Math
    22nd in Science
    49th in Life Expectancy
    178th in infant mortality
    3rd in median household income
    4th in labor ports
    4th in exports

    Someone will read all this and say something as ignorant as "if you don't like this country, leave"
    This is my home, I want it to be the great, shining beacon of hope it once was, the country that pushed for change and progress not for new episodes of some trash television show.

    If you are entirely comfortable with everything you just finished reading above, if you can truly sleep easily knowing all this, then this country is already lost.
  2. justMe7

    justMe7 Well-Known Member

    Well.. like most places on the planet there is a disconnection from reality. Aswell as an ever growing distrust of our neighbours, and people we "vote" into positions of command. Couple that with a massively distorted perception of the future and care for life in general, plus a race being forced to accept someone elses standards more and more, we're more or less distracting and mindfucking ourselves.

    Your topic is rather large, but I could simply add that there is a lack of care and understanding in the human race, especially with so many people being born. That, and the excessive overstimulation of "want" and "desire" that distorts how we obtain things, or how things have been obtained in the past is inadvertantly leading on us a conflicting path. We're saying "have this" but we're also saying "look at what you're doing and what you're associating yourself too". We're generalising events and people are indirectly asserting them into their comprehensions for justifications and classifications of people and situations. We overly simplify situations because the finite specifics that create them could devour us like it does those who are directly involved. We are bombarded by bullshit for 15 seconds then contrasted to something else for 45 seconds. Society from the masses point of view is wrong, and immature at the best of times. People take advantage of their positions, use people........ ect. .

    welcome to the world? Idk it's not an american problem it's a species problem. People have distorted perceptions then claim we all have the right to our own perceptions. Which is true, but when you are enforcing an opinion, you can't excuse the reality of today and yesterday. And alot of people simply dismiss what's happened yesterday, and that's part of the reason why we run in circles. Let alone the fact that because so much crap is going off All the time it's impossible to understand what's happening without associations to other people. And since no one is trusthworthy due to association at best, it's very difficult to understand what's happening. So we fall on generic terms which are out of context because they are a massive combination of situations all across your country, or across other countries.

    I wouldn't say your countries going to the pox, I think it's more just loseing it's facade, and losing it's connection with younger people, and older ones are becoming disillusioned again. Plus the whole institution is probably built on corruption and hypocritical ventures, so ...

    I don't think countries are anything but a system that enables us to empower them because we believe in something more for ourselves and life, and then find the ability to care about eachother enough to want everyone and everything to exceed in their exploration of life. Free of social doctrones.

    In anycase... just a friendly suggestion. Becareful looking at the overview of your country. It'll hurt, alot. Try to also look at the specific individuals and groups that push forward and carry with them the truths we have discovered and accepted through our generations. The thing is the best parts of life rarely get the praise, because they are always there. We see the spikes of negativity more, but they are a potential path that is only there because of the strength of our cooperation and understandings. Communication is peaking all the time so we are indirectly education our species on knowledge access, and that portrayal can also distort some of the good in people and make them lose focus and not care about certain things.

    Either way those facts you posted are from this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h__uutzcQXc and are actually incorrect from online sources. America generally fares better I think, or worse in some of those regards. But it's hardly suprising, considering you are so new and constantly expanding. You're still dealing with your past but keep trying to make out it's over and done with. It's like Canada with the Native Americans. We're all going to endure this path together, and it's going to take a long and delicate walk together before we truly find the respect for eachother and restore the damage we have done to their culture, which is directly related to their souls as a people.

    The more you fuck about with people and define them, the more they will bite back. African american culture to me in america STILL see's shit, and people disconnect from the past and except "timelined" adaptation. It's going to take generations before alot of the pain is healed. As a result you have massive clusters of disassociation, disconnection and excessive "justified" abuse from everyone involved. It's a cluseter fuck and people are just left too it.

    People have to feel free to be themselves, and that is defiantly not the case in this world. £$+++ it's a control game that's sliding it's way into peoples minds because it "sounds rational and justified". Like some of these fucking stupid jail sentences that steal and .........

    Yeah there are no quick fixes, or even long term fixes from these postures we are taking imo.
  3. Prof.Bruttenholm

    Prof.Bruttenholm Well-Known Member

    I know corruption and much of what is going on in my own country goes on in others (though some and not you, I mean some politicians wont admit it).

    The fact is, we're headed towards a future much worse than the late 1800s and early 1900s where companies controlled everything from the houses we lived in to the stores we could purchase from. The shanty towns of the depression will look like nothing.
    Capitalism is supposed to afford political and some sense of social accountability but in a world where the corporation itself is recognized as an individual entity and those who make it up are blameless, we perpetuate a system where the wealthy only get wealthier and the poor only get poorer.
    I am watching the stocks, the business end of it all and I can see a trend, companies aren't going to sustain themselves like this forever, if consumers aren't able to afford their goods because they helped turn a middle class into the poor and turn the poor into something close to the homeless then everything will fail but at the same time the gridlock of the U.S. Congress does not bode well, if the law makers can't work to fix a situation when it is near its worst and even when it has been at its worst then what hope is there?

    I do worry for the world but I need to start smaller than that, starting with my home is the best way to do that.

    The trickle-down affect is false and doesn't work when the wealthiest wont let a single drop trickle down at all.

    I am not worried about the length of time we as species need to face to over-come this, I am worried about the individuals who are suffering now so that we might attain a new future.
  4. justMe7

    justMe7 Well-Known Member

    I'm sorta hesitant to reply because I expected more people to voice their opinions. But in anycase I'll bump this thread.

    Inevitably you can't have one without the other. First it's about finding a common ground of relation to ourselves and the life around us. That in itself is difficult because of the variations of our concious connections to life. It's hypocritical to dismiss the past and it's reckless and arrogant to force a perception even if it is realistic. With this in mind there are times that enforcement is needed, or more so a chosen stance to protect and bring voice to a part of life that cannot voice itself to our species. That being said, the manner of taking a stance is the utmost importance. It's about educating, and helping people connect with another part of our existence, and letting them feel that apprication for life, and that all forms of life have the right to be here, simply because they are. However some forms of existence are destructive to others, so it breaks down to how we choose to exist as a collective in a very "infinte" universe, or world. And because our species is so diverse we fracture off and have different chosen methods of existing.

    Longevity vs momentary existence is a matter of connecting to tomorrow and yesterday, aswell as today in my opinion. The conflict arises when people choose a different way of living at the expense of another form of life. Which we all do when we move or do anything in time. It's just a matter of what we deem acceptable and what not. Which all trickles down to respect, manners, methods of interaction, education, working as a community, being free from "defined" obligations ... ect.

    What I'm trying to say is there are large portions of our species that are exceptional selfish and destructive. And these sides are perhaps some of our more creative and aware, however they choose to take one or many paths over a longer or more difficult path. As a result they leech and use the energy of our species and the planet to fuel their own desires. But we all know this and this is essentially what you are talking about. However translating a particular awareness of "fairness" to everyone, then contrasting that against the indignities these people continually express is extreamly difficult. It's one thing to say you're outraged, but we live and exist on things that are outrageous. We abuse eachother, we abuse our planet, we abuse so much because our parents and generations before hand recklessly went for desire or a greater good at the expense of suddle and smaller things. They've improved food, health, teachings, but at what cost? The steps we take forward are symbotically attached to horrors when you get down to the reality of things. So ultimately reality never truly takes a foothold. People enjoy their stimulations and dillusions, but become angry when they see someone else taking advanatage of them or other people.

    To change your life you have to change everything in my opinion. Unless you're accepting a degree of what "you are" and take that as your nature and don't challenge it. Then from there, you have to appricate that our species is truly not a good species but a species with the ability to interact with it's environment and manipulate it. We have manipulators abusers thrill seakers control freaks, all sorts of people that expell things we can "Use". And we turn a blind eye to their methods as long as we get a dose of "life" from another perception.

    Anyhow working inside the law, you'd have to start with creating an effective none destructive(relative to our perception) means of energy. Actually develop and emphasise an effective means of education that doesn't indoctronate, and encourage all forms of expression that don't deviate from a concensus perception of "destructive". People's dreams and aspirations in society and out are being crushed by basic livings. But to change that and challenge the abusers you have to have an alternative, or the facade that we live in will crush, and then real desperate humanity will surface when there isn't enough.

    I totally agree with you. No one neesd to be told, that defeats the purpose of a part of what we are. It all starts with ourselves and how we choose to life. Hopefully the positive parts of who we are can meet and we can maintain those connections and aspirations together, and actually move forward without hiding any deceptions.
    It's difficult for people though, especially when they are "poor" or under social pressure. They can go down dark avenues and it can take a long time to learn how to resist those parts of life that aren't natural to who they are.

    The law is a joke, but it's one of the main things that "contains" us. Which is .. contradictory to what we are. But in the same breath, it gives us some friction from being ultimately selfish. For some...

    In the end it really just depends on your Point of view of what a good world is. And then... just how realistic is it. Perfect worlds tend to exlcude certain realities unfortunately...and fortunately aswell.

    *edit* but to be fair, we bitch alot about people and what they do. Well the stuff they do, is fucking hard to do, especially all the time. Any job in any field... we expect perfection or a degree of it. Alot of the reality is a poor design, and an exceptional demand on these people that create the motion for these industries or institutions. Like the medical institution.... we bitch ALOT. Funny because ... ... well fuckin bitchers generally don't know what else to do but bitch because they "didn't expect that to happen". But I'd like to seem them do 1/2 a years work at what these people do and still maintain what they do. I'd say everyone in every field deserves a flippen boost in methods, tech and appriciation. Continuously.

    As far as economy goes? Well as long as there is money, there will be abuse. It gets people things, be it materials or other life aspects. So when it comes to wall street talk, I'm at a loss for that cluster bomb. I consider that a chaotic manipulative frontier so I hope someone else responds about that to you.
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