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Just wondering, I have my exit strategy all planned, the only hassle is I have to wait until after my brother's wedding (another five weeks away), so I don't bugger up the festivities.

Is it better to just drop off the face of the earth or is finding a body preferrable? (the method I've planned isn't messy.)

Please don't try and disuade me, I've been struggling with this for 20 years. I'm 34 now and have decided I can't be bothered with feeling like this any longer.


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you will bugger up your brother for the rest of his life if you leave
I know my brother committed suicide and i have suffered everyday sicne then
better to try newer meds out there to rid yourself of the depression
if you disappear t hey will always suffer there will be no closure for anyone You need to stop and think abut how your actions will cause many to suffer for the rest of their lives Please you don't know the pain one suffers after losing someone it is forever and it is deep


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Agree with Total Eclipse here, sorry. Waiting until after your brother's wedding will not mean that he and the rest of your family and friends will not auffer your lose for the rest of their lives. Suicide of a loved one isn't something that people mourn for a set amount of time and then move on with their lives - it stays with them forever. And to disappear without a trace, you leave everyone in your life wondering to the day they die what became of you. Withut some form of closure, your disappearance can have a more profound pain than if you left your body for someone to find.
Imagine how you would feel if one day someone you cherished myateriously walked out of your life, never to be seen or heard from again. You'd spend the rest of your life trying to seek not an answer for their disappearance, but where they went.


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Disappearing has been appealing to me for a long time. Not even necessarily disappearing with intention to kill myself, but just leaving all possessions behind and just walking. Or getting in my car and just driving until I run out of gas, and then I can walk to wherever I may end up.
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