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  1. VALIS

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    Friends and other lovers
    fluttered from my life
    not like sand, but
    leaves off the lawn
    time's spaces promise
    bending of the bond
    but the elements
    scatter the leaves
    now too far gone

    There are other ties,
    and I live only in recounts
    tangential (or blacked out)
    I wonder how my imprint is borne
    proudly or bitterly
    in memory usually
    it's mutually exclusively
    and this is how i dealt
    for all the lives i felt
    it wasn't me.

    Shadows I cast will melt
    don't choose a side
    as you remember
    I'm not the "she"
    in your reverie
    what you take for continuity
    is a blundered melody
    this life is not my own
    even the pencil and the poem
    renounced when it's cut free
    so this is how we dealt
    what lies you think we felt
    It wasn't me.
  2. Acy

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    I really like that! The rhymes and near-rhymes, the rhythm...And the haunting feeling it evokes. Very nice.
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