Leaving alone tomorrow :)

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    I am returning to Italy alone tomorrow. I had come back to the States with my mother because I couldn't stand being around my ex. However, after 3 weeks back here, I realize that there is nothing for me here. I also terribly miss my grandmother who remained out there.
    In all honesty, these have been a terrible 3 weeks. Without my grandmother here to calm things down, my mother and I argue like crazy. I can't stand her lack of sensitivity and understanding. I think a break away from her will really really help me. HOWEVER, I THINK I AM GOING TO STAY OUT THERE PERMANENTLY. THERE SHOULD BE NO PROBLEM CONVINCING MY GRANDMOTHER TO STAY, BUT HOW DO I BREAK IT TO MY MOTHER THAT I PLAN ON TAKING A BREAK FROM MY EDUCATION AND STAYING OUT THERE???? I just feel like if I remain lonely in Chicago any longer I will commit suicide or something just as bad. Mom doesn't understand this. She thinks I can just be tough or strong and get through it. I no longer can. Although I have my ex in Italy, life is different there. When I go into town, people talk to me and there is a sense of community. There are actually decent looking men who like to give attention and are fairly interesting. Here there is nothing. Everybody is on their own and living for themselves.
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    Good for you, chicago!
    Do whatever you think is best for yourself. You need it right now.
    Is there any way you could try doing school over in Italy? Or possibly looking into an apprenticeship for something? You can take a break from your education, of course; but it doesn't mean you can't do something a bit different to pass the time, right?
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    Hopefully everything will figure itself out. No matter what, I just want to feel what happiness feels like again. Maybe I can catch up on my writing while I'm in Italy and who knows what else. I'm just not sure how to break the news to my mother.
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    tell her you love her very much but you are not happy here and need to go back where you were happy. Your education can it not be transferred to a school down in Italy I am sure you could carry on your studies there I hope you can do what is best for you maybe mother can go out to Italy and visit somtime.
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    I wouldn't tell your mom until you are in Italy.. That way she can't stop you from going.. Follow your heart and passion and you will do well..