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Leaving Debts

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Ok, just wanted to ask if anyone knows what happens to the debt of a student loan if the student dies? Does it get shunted onto the parents/family and if so is there any way to stop it from happening that way legally? I get my loan from the local education authority (England) but their small print doesnt really tell me anything. Much appreciated.


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Your worried about your family having to have to deal with your student debts eh?
But I'm sure it would be nothing compared to pain of the suicide of their son. :sad: :sad: :sad:
Your loss I'm sure would be a lot more devastating to them than a mere debt. A life is a lot more different and precious than a debt to repay.


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I know it's gonna hurt for them. But my quality of life is horrid. Every single day for the past 4 months ove thought of nothing but ending it. 7 years ive had problems, 4 years ive been depressed, 3 years completely gutted. I dont have the mental capacity to endure this wretched existence any longer. I just dont want to leave them with a big debt, anything to soften the blow.


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I don't know how it is in England but here in Canada your parents are responsible for the debt only if they signed the loan application. there will also be the funerary costs which they will likely incur.

I don't know enough about you to offer any help. what are your quality of life issues?


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If they don't have to pay for my loan, and i'm sure they havent signed the contract, then i'm going to take the rest of my money ive earnt from working and the rest of my loan out of the bank and give it to them for anything they want. Ive written in my note not to give me a funeral, just cremate me as it's less expensive. Although ive decided to wait until after Christmas to try and soften the blow. It seems even doing myself in is nearly as hard as being alive.
hello h20,
i hope money isnt the driving force behind any decision you make,,,mabey using the money to help further yourself and giving yourself better quality of life would be much better for your parents than your own sugestion. furthering yourself in life by learning, growing,,, helping yourself so you can help them,,,,


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Money is the last of my concerns for life. I've got problems with my body and mind that can't be undone. I really just need to know how i can escape from this place without leaving a scar. Ive thought about living just to please everyone around me but why the hell should i, ive been given a shitty deal and i cant face this world. I havent a clue how so many do, look at it, its a horrible nightmare where evil people walk around without anyone knowing. Everyone thought the nazi's died in 1946 but they were fundamentally human. anyone can become another Hitler or Himmler or Stalin This whole place is a fetid horrid toilet and it rips me up that after having to deal with all that ive still got other problems and people on this forum have as well. Why should we all suffer so much for the sake of the rules of life. Its a sick joke.
i just want to get out of it without damaging the ones i love too much. Any advice is appreciated


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I cant stand the planet sometimes either, I often think the naivity of living before newspapers and T.V would have been great. Thousands of years in evolution and were still killing each other over f****** nothing. Nobody connects, were all trapped inside a little cubicle of our own...its soul destroying.

But you know what? There are some simple pleasures in life, id be interested to know what these mental and physical problems are that your carrying, perhaps there are ways of overcoming them. Please let us know.


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I was severely in debt last year to the tune of £72,000. It was not easy but I managed to get out of it through declaring bankruptcy and owning up to my financial problem. Financial problems are a real concern and I know I was really in dire times for a while (including being suicidal) but there are positive things to consider.

Student loans are only repayable if you earn more than £15,000 in one year. So say if you did loads of extra shifts in one month then you'd pay a fee relative to that months earnings towards your loan. You should not have to pay it back at any other time. To be honest after a set period of time you don't pay anything back. Complicated... Yes I guess so but don't panic about the loan. If anything those dreaded forms can be explained to you by the Citizens Advice Bureau who are in a word AMAZING! They will give you great advice on your student loan and any other debts you may have. There are other options apart from bankruptcy. One's that don't involve those big bald bouncer type guys knocking on your door with a white van.

In terms of how you feel in general I suggest you may feel the benefits of seeing a counsellor, one that is Person-Centred, so you may express any concerns you may have. One thing I have learnt about my emotions is they seem much more powerful if I can not express my emotions to others. Sharing is good. Your doctor may also help. GP practices have resident counsellors that are available and you usually get 6 sessions free and then you negotiate for any more if needed.

I really understand you pain and worry about money but trust me it is sortable.

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I asked this same question about death and debts in another thread and didn't get much advice except fluffy mantras "don't kill yourself-- life is too pwecious!" Ugh! Thanks for the kind sentiments, but is there anyone here who has some practical advice about say, what happens to credit card debts if you die. And NO, that isn't the reason why I'd do away with myself. Like the orignal poster, I wouldn't want my 70+ year old parents to be stuck with any debts, is all...


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Oh well, cheers for the advice and replies anyhow everyone.

Although i didnt get your reply thinker, it was modded out, which was right as it might have triggered people. But ide like you to PM me it if you would.
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