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    I will be leaving in a few hours for a treatment center, I made the descision to I have myself commited and I'm hoping that something good will come out of this, because quite honestly, going back scares the crap out of me because of my experiences in the past.
    I don't think I can be safe out in the real world right now, especially since things are and continue to get worse. Nor can I handle the stress of school and at home anymore.
    I just wanted to let people know because it may be a month or more before I come back and I don't want to worry or make anyone upset thinking I attempted or anything like that.
    See everyone in a few weeks :)
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    I hope things will start to get better for you. Take care of yourself and see you back soon :)
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    Astrid Take care of yourself as best you can, you are strong brave and resilient, I hope you will do well, I believe you can try going there with a positive mind, that is important, try to smile, think about the good things in life an know that they will still be here, I will try to start on one of my stories if I can today, I hurt as bad as you do at times, thinking about you getting hopefully the help you need is going to be important to you as well as us here, Be Strong as we know you are! < Hugs> take care of yourself! I don't give to many hugs so hold onto that for a while please!
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    Hope you can get the support you need and that after treatment they set up supports in community as well. Talk to your school about putting your programs on hold until you get back so you don't lose any credits ok they can do that.
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    May I ask how this went--what your experience was like, did it help? I can't do this where I am located due in part to stigma but I actually braved that a few years back to call to inquire about self-committing and I was met with confusion and a layer of contempt. I guess they thought if I could ask for it myself I probably didn't need it?

    I think it was brave of you. I hope you survived it and that you are doing a bit better.
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    I've been to facilities like this before (6 years ago), in the past they didn't help then and they especially, I'm sorry to say, don't help at all now. In the US from what I've seen these facilities are big drug pushers now as well as doing things focusing on the group, in the past they were more therapy oriented and more concerned with individual patients. And thanks to the new healthcare system I just put my parents in quite alot of debt, as now insurance only pays 80% of the bill the rest must be paid by the individual, I was at a facility for 10 days, my parents had to pay $2,500, if I was at a facility longer than two months (minimum stay in a residential facility) that's anywhere between $13,000 and $24,000. These places haven't help me very much, sure I get a tiny bit better when they switch my meds but then the effect wears off after several weeks and I'm suicidal again.
    My experience in the past was borderline abusive if not out right abusive. I was at a facility for two months and there was a staff member who would berate, yell, and verbally abuse patients in front of the whole group for the simplest of things, there were punishments I endured for no reason (I was never given an actual reason), and I was denied medical care for bronchitis for a period of time, (the staff told me I was faking it for attention.) I actually came out worse than I went in, with PTSD and more dissociation symptoms that have escalated for the past six years because I was afraid of gong back.
    When I self-committed I was met with "oh, your not really serious" by the insurance who refused to put me in residential facility and at the facilities I rarely saw a therapist either once my whole stay (who told me I was being discharged) or the day before I left, so I'm not surprised that they were contemptable towards you when you call to inquire. It seems that if your are trying to help yourself everything is against you and you aren't to be taken seriously, but then you end up attempting and they ask why you never spoke up before.
    It's up to you if you'd like to go to the expense of self-committing if you choose to I hope you don't have the experience I did, but it is really up to you, if you are unsafe then I suggest you at least get yourself in a facility so you don't do something you regret. Just be aware the mental health care system is crap in the US, and do your research or get a reference for your therapist/psychiatrist, so you don't end up at a really traumatizing place because those places are out there. Anyways, I wish you the best of luck and hope your experience is better than mine has been, if you do decide to commit :)
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    @AlexiMarie7 Costs and insurance vary completely from person to person / family to family . Depending 100% on what insurance or no insurance and every insurance has a maximum total out of pocket expense for the family per year now, so it is not possible to have bills of $25k etc,- Most policies have a catastrophic out of pocket costs of about $7500 or less per person where once hit that there are no more co-pays or deductibles. Lower income insured have lower co-pays and deductibles to none. Anything about costs needs to be looked from your own personal situation and not compared to somebody else's situation. It is actually a situation where less income equals far better insurance and far lower costs now, while the "middle class" and higher have huge bills like described in the above post (only the middle class also cannot easily afford those bills and it is very hard then to afford)

    While care is different from place to place, particularly if choosing self committal in us you can shop around and choose. And any place is better than nowhere if you are not safe. Compared to UK and a waiting list of 12 months or more often to get a first appt with psychiatrist, and getting therapy is near impossible and hen limited to 6 or so sessions, the US system is not bad at all, and are very fortunate to live in US where you can at least get an appt and get therapy, and have most of it paid for instead of depending on a general practitioner for mental health care and no therapy at all.
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    [QUOTE="the US system is not bad at all, and are very fortunate to live in US where you can at least get an appt and get therapy, and have most of it paid for instead of depending on a general practitioner for mental health care and no therapy at all.[/QUOTE]

    Thanks for the reply.

    I am not in the US/UK and there is no real sense of mental health treatment here; I could pay to go to a GP and convince them to give me drugs but in terms of inpatient care it isn't really 'permitted' it seems on a proactive voluntary basis. Admittedly funding and space are limited so I guess it is reserved for extreme cases of those who have had a psychotic episode or are near death.
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    This reply is so disheartening; I'm sorry your experiences have not been positive or helpful in the medium to long term. I have had experience briefly with lack of compassion as it relates to mental health treatment; I think persons in this field really need to be very sensitised as they are dealing with what can be called an "invisible illness" at times so they should be more understanding.

    I hope you keep trying to care for yourself and maybe seek out other providers if needed in the future.
    I sort of feel at times that being 'high-functioning' is even riskier as people are more able to dismiss your cries for help because you seem to be a-okay, perhaps not realising that you may be moments/days away from imploding. Feels like a catch 22 at times but we have to keep fighting and trying I suppose.

    Best wishes and hugs to you.