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Leaving Site

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Due to many problems in my life that no one can understand I've decided to leave this site cause I'm just a problem causer at this website even though this was the only place to talk about my problems I'm not wanted here anymore I've already been wanted to been ban 3 times and no one can understand what I go through day by day that its impossible to convince anyone to help me in real life maybe with time long enough without support i'll get so fucked up that I'll actually do it


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Your not wanted here? I'm sorry I do not know you and I'm sorry you had trouble here at the site. I hope maybe you can come back and wish you the best okay? Take care. :smile:


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I am truly unaware of what has happened, but I am sure that a dialogue between you and an administrator could work things out, as you are not banned...please see if you can repair the situation, and stay with us...please PM me if I can help in any way...big hugs
I don'yt have any idea what's going on. But I hope it can be sorted, if you choose to leave anyway, I wish you the best of luck and you can message me on MSN if you ever need to talk. Take care and make a wise decision. :hug: :hug:
hey i havent seen u around that much, since im here all all the time :shy:
but wait i've seen you've got alot goin for u.. your in highschool..and that seems to b good enough

jane doe

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well remember that if you want to come back, you can do it. o don´t know what happened but i´m sure that it can´t be so bad, if you want tell us and if you want to leave, take care and a lot of luck:)
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