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Discussion in 'Self Harm & Substance Abuse' started by Dark Descent, Nov 6, 2012.

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    I hated myself for it at first, but it stopped my cutting, and it took me away from everything. It was the only way i could feel happy. I am 15 and last Sumner, i found myself doing the one thing i said i never would, cannabis. looking back i.realised drugs had ruined my family, caused my mum to go into care and have a miscarriage, my dad takes it and he left, so did my brother and sisters father. Because of all this my mum is mentally ill aswell as physically and I'm the only one there for her. And i still find myself doing it, along with friends in similar.situations. I could never understand why weed was.all around us, but i know now. We.do it because we stop caring. We are pushed over. and once you start and.enjosy it, you think there's nothing wrong it... I like.it. But like anything to much can cause problems. If you suffer from problems, drugs can help you feel better, but they will never.solve your problems. they will probably give you more in the long run. If you are worried about anyones use of illegal drugs, talk to them about it first, express your concern. It is quite likely they also have worries about it, despite doing it, and remember, people all have different reasons for starting so delvng into there personal life probably isn't a good idea, not everyone starts because of a crisis in there life. if there is one.thing you should take.away from thisit is that a little bit.won't hurt anybody, but always watch out , and remember it is easy to lose but.hard to gain back. And for God sakes stay away from the.hard stuff
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    You have shown yourself able to stop other self destructive behaviors such as cutting, so have courage that if you decide to you can replace the substance abuse with a more constructive habit as well. You have wise words in the considerations others should give to people who have or may have substance abuse issues, thank you for sharing your insights.

    Take Care

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