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leaving the forum

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Im leaving the forum all the people ive got too know on this forum that said they were my friends.
In the end all leave me.
Im a lost cause and ill only cause sadniss and hurt too people.
Ive decided too not let others be hurt or be sad by me so this will be my last day on the forum.

I want too thank the people that took the effort of helping me.(trying)
And i wish all of you the best in life/

Signing out


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Just want you to know you're not a lost cause. :hug: I'm sorry you've been hurt, but I hope you don't leave the forum. My PM box is always open if you feel like talking. I know it's hard to believe sometimes when it's happened so often, but not everyone will leave you.
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total eclipse

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hun people leave because they get better and move on you can pm me anytime okay and others here we care and i don 't want you to feel all alone not when so many here do care okay hugs

total eclipse

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if you go in voluntary it is better so tell doctor you will go in and get some help for YOU it will be okay you will get all supports in place to help y ou when you get out again okay You let the professionals help you you take all the help you can. hugs to you
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