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Today was my last session with my amazing therapist. I am sad. On the verge of tears. Nobody really knows though. I am going to miss her. I went through seven other crappy ones before I found her. I could use another year or two under her supervision. She has made a huge difference in my life. I would give up a limb to continue seeing her, or to even be friends on the side at least. Damn professional boundaries. WTF? It feels like I'm losing my best friend. Like she either never existed or she died. Ugh! I am so dependent on her. She was always motivation to get me through the week. Forgive me if I need a little extra support for awhile...


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Hey plshelpme,

I know that you probably continue to see her for reasons you can't control, so I won't ask you to tell me why you have to discontinue therapy with this great counselor that you speak of. ;)

If you are interested in finding another therapist that can try to fill in some of her shoes, may your road to that be fulfilling and fast.

Always here with others on SF for support,



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I see from your post that you're hurting and this therapist has made an impact on you and was a lifeline, getting you through the week. Allow yourself to grieve for the support you have invaluably gained from this therapist. It is a loss. I hope you get through this.


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Oy - I am so sorry.... My great T referred me away last January..... after more than 4 years.....

Still hurts - My new T says it will take time to grieve and he is staying there, but distant enough so I can work through the pain of loss before replacing it with another substitute.

Take care of yourself - be kind to you - try to reach out

As the consulting therapist who handled the switch said "this sucks"

I am crying as I type this for you.... remember - you have enough to deal with - don't "beat yourself up" by calling yourself dependent.... doesn't help, only hurts. For therapy to work - there has to be a closeness and certain level of dependency, just the T is supposed to stick around long enough to work through it with you - but things happen, just wish they didn't have to happen to us!



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The day my therapist and I parted company was awful.
It was time and I was ready to go forth therapist free, but what a wrench!
Even now, and it is many many years on, when things are bad I have a conversation with him in my head, so in a way he never left :smile:


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Thanks guys for your support. This has been really helpful. It is nice to have support from people who understand. I have been in a car with my best friend for the past 10 hours, and she definitely cannot see/understand how much this hurts. Although, to her credit, she does try (she's amazing, but isn't depressed/suicidal, so doesn't really know what it is like).

Alex, I had to move away this year for school. I have no other choice. I am moving 3 hours away, and I would be willing to commute to see her, but that's just crazy (no pun intended, lol).

Anyways, I really do appreciate the support. SF is amazing!
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