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Leaving tonight on a hopeful note...

Hi...just thought I would end the evening on a hopeful note and maybe it will help someone else. Where I have had some very good days, I am hopeful, despite my recent rant as today has not been a good day, that somehow, some way a level of consistently good days will come my way again. Though I will never be who I used to be and I could cry just admitting that, my life will become worth living again. I pray this for all of you also.


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i know what its like to not be who i used to be. there is no chance for me to be that way again. and you are right it's hard to admit it to ourself. but you can still have a good and fulfilling life. i have learned to cherish what i have and you can too. and if you can look forward to the good days it will help you get through the bad ones. i hope you have more good days in your future...mike...*hug*shake*stars

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