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well for sum of u this is great news <edit-blue542-you don't need to call anyone out>
ANYWAYS ive come to a descision that i don't need SF anymore its been god knows how long since ive self harmed and its been since last october since i took any drugs so its allllllll good :D

id like to say thanx to robin for making this site it has helped me no end and i met my fiancee here!!!

wanna keep in contact with me just send us an email at [email protected] .. not many of ya will but meh :P hehe

hope ya all find happiness like ive done. <we'll leave it at that-blue542>


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I'm glad to hear that this place has helped you so much but it's kinda sad that you're going :(
I hope you'll be happy in the future guys :)
Best of luck hun, and good wishes and all that jazz :hug:

"Leaving" sounds like a decision that the future has something to offer. I am feeling better myself. I only came to this forum a few days ago, and already I'm feeling much much better.

I think that knowing I'm not alone in these feelings kind of takes the edge off things... makes me realize that these kinds of feelings are really very normal, and maybe there are a lot more people out there with these kinds of feelings, but they are just not ready to say, "Hey, I feel like hell!"

To all the courageous people who come to this forum and confront their fears and say "somebody help me," I applaud everyone of you, including myself.

Personally, I don't see anything wrong with wallowing in self-pity when I'm feeling so down. Why not. Wallow away I say.
Have a great pity party. Been down so long it looks like up to me. That's a book. So many of us, fighting the good fight.

God bless you all I love you.
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