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  1. Bravo8Dex

    Bravo8Dex New Member

    Hello to all of you. I am new to this forum and find it a good thing to vent my frustration in a (somewhat) neutral setting.

    The other night I came home from the bar shitfaced ( I live with my mom still but was planning to move out soon.. besides the point im underage.)

    I came home and stumbled in the door. My mom and dad were sitting there talking to eachother and when I walked in I accidently knocked stuff off the table. She told me to go to bed and she would clean it up.

    However, in my drunken stupor this did NOT sit well with me and I went off in a tyrade of fuck yous! Eventually ending in me punching a hole in the wall and turning around going back to my room.

    My dad came in there to console me and help me figure out where the sudden agression had came from. (My parents divorced when I was 9 btw, and emotionally, I raised myself from that DAY to present)

    By the time I calmed down and started to explain.. police were walking down my hallway on a domestic disturbance call.

    I had a bong and pipe in plain view and some other odd miscellaneous tools laying around. Some things I am STILL unsure of what they confiscated. My mom dropped the charges but I was arrested for Underage Intoxication and Drug Paraphenalia.

    I have never acted like this in my life, and I will wager that I never will again, but the hate and anger I feel towards my mother is again building. Why did she call the police? I would never have hurt her! Even in my state.
    She knew the things I had in my room.

    And now i'm in lots and lots of trouble.

    I'm scared, I don't want to go to jail, I never meant for anything like this to happen! The first day I seriously contemplated suicide and it still crosses my mind now and again. If I go under I don't know how i'll ever endure it!

    Please help! My life was finally going well for once.. and then this..
  2. Sadeyes

    Sadeyes Staff Alumni

    We all have moments when we have such steam that we cannot hold it in anymore..the drinking did not help...maybe talking to someone about your feelings and how to discuss them with your mother would be have every right to feel enraged, but you cannot act on this...all the best, J
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