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  1. scared_child

    scared_child Account Closed

    ok, I am doing an assignment in school and I need to take a vote thing. So, basically what I want to know is, Do you think we should legalize marijuana? Meth? please tell me! This is very important! And is a HUGE portion of my grade.
  2. BelovedDreamer

    BelovedDreamer Well-Known Member

    I think marijuana should be legal. If people can smoke cigarettes and drink ridiculous amounts of alcohol legally, then I don't see why pot should be legal. I've seen drinkers get violent and do all sorts of reckless things, but I've known very few people to do so while high on pot. The worst thing I've ever seen a friend do while high was wander off while baking cookies. Most potheads don't wanna move from where they're lying much less get behind the wheel or beat their spouses while high.

    Otherwise, I'm unsure what I think about other drugs. Meth frightens me. People become so dependent and addicted and do so so quickly. And when using people can be absolutely frightening. Pot at least isn't physically addictive. I have very strong opinions about the punishments doled out and the reasoning/biases behind the allocation of punishment, but I don't think on a whole that most drugs are criminalized unnecessarily, though the legality surround said drugs may be unnecessarily or unequally harsh.
  3. blub

    blub Guest

    Ok I live in the netherlands. I see no problems with marijuana, but meth is something else. So it depends what the drugs do to you. Like this pic from someone who used meth:
    Some drugs have worser (after)effects than others.
    So in my eyes it depends how serieus the after affects are.
  4. Ziggy

    Ziggy Antiquitie's Friend

    "Most potheads don't wanna move from where they're lying much less get behind the wheel or beat their spouses while high."

    I think that may be one of the problems with pot. I know depressed people tend to lack motivation but they seem to get massively worse once they start smoking pot. the people I know have amassed huge debts, lost their jobs, got threated with eviction, had partners leave them etc. and at one time they tried to do something about it, now they just shrug their shoulders, say they don't care and light another joint.

    Now I know this probably has a lot to do with their depression but I'm certain that they've gotten a hell of a lot worse since they started smoking heavily, I suppose the same is true of people who drink heavily to try and cope with depression as well though. So really that doesn't prove much.
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  5. scared_child

    scared_child Account Closed

    so, Ziggy, do you agree or disagree with legalizing?
  6. LetItGo

    LetItGo Staff Alumni

    Im not sure about legalization. I mean we already have cigerettes and alcohol and look how much damage they do. One thing im absolutely certain about though is that all illicit drug use should be decriminalized. In other words if your caught smoking pot, or shooting up, or whatever, you should never be charged with an offense for that or go to jail.

    Supply on the other hand...thats a differant story, especially things like meth, ice, heroin, cocaine etc. I think those that peddle that garbage should go to jail.
  7. Ziggy

    Ziggy Antiquitie's Friend

    I don't think I could say "the use of cocaine should be decriminalized but if you supply it you should go to jail". I think the whole business of supply and demand should go hand in hand.

    I do think pot should be decriminalized, and I think it'd be fine to have coffee shops that sell it like in Amsterdam, after all why not go out for a joint in the evening rather than a pint. I do think you need it in a controlled environment though being able to buy it legally from a bloke on the street or from shops and supermarkets would be a mistake in my opinion. There are probably loads of good reasons why this wouldn't work in practice but to be honest I'm not that clued up on the subject.
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  8. Flatliner

    Flatliner Guest

    I don't think it should be decrimialised for just anyone to go about smoking however much they want. There is evidence that it acts almost as a catalyst in those with a predisposition to mental illness and can also heighten symptoms of mental illness so it would be as useless as alcohol and smoking in some respects. I think in certain cases it should be allowed to be prescribed (by a medical professional) to people to help with pain management, particularly in cancer sufferers, but it should be a controlled drug like morphine ect.
  9. Syd

    Syd Guest

    Decriminalization is fine, and government regulation in order to destroy the black market, and provide safer manufacturing by scientists and professionals. Also, this means all substances, not just marijuana. The fact is, the 'war on drugs' only puts pressure on the black market, causing prices to skyrocket and attracting criminals and drug lords. Drugs will always get in, and people will always buy, period. The only difference is that if it's illegal, our money lines the pockets of drug lords while addicts in need of therapy get thrown in jail. Substances available for recreational and medicinal usage would be introduced under a limited system just as alcohol is currently. Medicinal purposes for substances deemed beneficial after adequate research should be granted by doctors and psychiatrists for their patients.

    Harm reduction education programs should be sponsored and required to teach responsible usage. Are people suddenly going to become mindless addicts if drugs are legal? Of course not. Drugs are harmful if abused, and if people aren't educated about the substances and risks involved. Should cars be illegal because drivers can kill themselves & other pedestrians if they don't drive safely? No, because we have extensive education and training on driving safety required before obtaining permits, we've learned to drive responsibly. In the same way, the harm of drugs is not from the drugs themselves, but from ignorance and lack of information. Permits should be required for purchasing substances. It would be similar to alcohol (21+) except that a doctor's approval must be given, medical tests, and testing on drug knowledge and safety would all need to be passed.
  10. Bob26003

    Bob26003 Well-Known Member

    Weed Yes. Meth, Hell No!

    I believe it is the Gov. responsibility at least partially to monitor public safety.
    Meth. is just unsafe. And I can't even imagine the effects it has on your body let alone your mind.

    We all know that alchohol and tobacco are FAR worse for your health than weed.

    The question is: Does the high warrant it being illegal?

    I say NO. Holland is doing fine. Better than the US as a matter of fact. All modernized countries with less restrictive marijuana policies are doing better than the US.

    The United States has the Highest incarceration per capita rate of any modern Country. It is pathetic.
  11. Syd

    Syd Guest

    Eh, sorry to be so blunt about this.. (pun not intended) but most of what people hear about drugs is bullshit. That's how propaganda works. I've experimented with plenty of illegal substances at some point (mostly psychedelics & amphetamines) and I've never become addicted.. not even close. Everything gets exaggerated by the media, and I've never taken any substance where I felt mentally out of control. Never have I seen someone act violent or aggressive on any drug.. and I used to be around a lot of drug users. Have I seen people hug eachother, dance a lot, act goofy, laugh, spill their guts to complete strangers, and talk about everything on their minds? Absolutely. Have I seen people fight, act promiscuously, and walk into oncoming traffic without looking? Interestingly enough, I've only seen that behavior from drunks. :/

    People are just looking for a target, believe me.. it's called scapegoating.. if we just blame drugs for all of society's problems, we can feel better about ourselves. None of the ills of our culture can stem from the 'perfectly moral' law-abiding populace, so if we just throw all the evil drug users in prison, the problems will all go away. :rolleyes:
  12. Ziggy

    Ziggy Antiquitie's Friend

    I had a mate who took acid.

    I think we started to notice that things were wrong when he saw a red carpet, thought the room was on fire and then tried to jump out of the very high window.

    Oh then he thought his housemate was trying to kill him and so in the middle of the night he got some hammer and nails and tried to board up his door and stop him from leaving his room.

    I would consider this type of behaviour to be mentally out of control and would never touch these types of drugs because I'm proabably a bit paranoid to begin with too.
  13. Syd

    Syd Guest

    If your friend tried to jump out of a high story window on acid, there's something wrong with him to begin with.. Maybe I'm wrong, and some people can react that way rarely... but I've done a lot of acid, and I've been around a lot of kids who dropped acid on a daily basis.. and I've never seen anything even remotely crazy happen. Just a lot of hippies sitting around giggling and listening to music..
  14. I think marijuana should be legalized.
  15. OMG, so do I !! It's the only substance that has ever given me any kind of emotional relief, but I don't like taking the legal risks.

    The drug laws in this country are so illogical!!! :doh:

    Marijuana has been proven to not be chemically addictive, rarely if ever inspires aggressive behavior, and it is impossible to overdose on, but it is against the law to use or even possess. :busted: :police:

    Alcohol is addictive ( can you say alcoholism? ), frequently inspires aggressive behavior ( otherwise known as being a mean
    drunk ), and, even if it is a person's first time to ever drink alcohol, it is possible to achieve a lethal dose ( ie, acute alcohol poisoning, frequently demonstrated by obnoxious, dumbass frat boys ) :guiness: :burp:.......:dead: :dead: :dead: :harp:

    And yes, I concede that, healthwise, a human body is better off without either of these foreign substances inside of it. I was just trying to make a point.
  16. theleastofthese

    theleastofthese SF Friend Staff Alumni

    Point well made, Prozac. I think it's the best antidepressant/antianxiety drug not on the market today. And you can control the dosage yourself, how handy.:wink:

  17. Three cheers for marijuana!!!! :worthy: :worthy: :worthy:
  18. protonaut

    protonaut Well-Known Member

  19. Smashed__

    Smashed__ Well-Known Member

    eh, I don't have major issues with pot (never tryed it) but Its usually the drug everyone starts with. Its a more mild drug from what I've read. I'm scared to try it because my mums reaction was terrible. lol I'm indifferent on legalizing it, not really 100% either way:unsure:. If it could help people with painful, terminal, illnesses..why is it wrong?

    Meth, cocaine, heroin...absolutley not. :mellow:
  20. Random

    Random Well-Known Member

    Pot? Yes. There's absolutely no reason to keep pot illegal other than the fact that the kind of people who want absolute control already have the upper hand. It's already illegal and they don't want to let go. It has nothing to do with how harmful (or not) that it is. It's a pure God complex thing. They say pot lowers your inhibitions. Which is just another way of saying it makes you a more tolerant person. Gee, we don't need a more tolerant society, do we?

    It can make you lazy if you tend to be a lazy person anyway but so can cigarettes and alcohol so I don't see that as a valid argument. One job I had, I would sneak and have a cigarette every ten minutes or so all day long. Any time I could see a couple of minutes clear, I wanted a cigarette. And believe me, a person who is addicted to cigarettes who can't have a smoke can get pretty damn irate so it clearly is a drug that is capable of altering your behavior.

    Pot can be harmful to certain people or if it's done to excess. But that's true with anything. Even too much water is bad for you. To say nothing of drinking to excess. Which probably fucks a person up just as bad or worse than anything pot could do to them.

    Anyway, the prohibitionists merely tolerate alcohol because they lost their last attempt to control it. They don't like it and they don't approve. There's just not much they can do about it. I do believe alcohol is more harmful than pot in general and if anything should be controlled, it's alcohol.

    Cigarettes? I've had plenty of experience with them. Second hand smoke is always thrown up as an argument against them but it isn't a very good one unless a non smoker has to work in an environment filled with it for many years or has to live with a smoker. Second hand smoke couldn't possibly be more dangerous than first hand smoke and many people smoke for 30 years or more before they have severe health issues. Five minutes of second hand smoke here and there isn't going to kill anyone.

    Meth? I don't know. I DO think meth is very harmful and only an idiot would use it anyway if they knew how it was made and what's in it. If there was a way that people could make and use it without posing a risk to everyone around them, maybe I could see letting them do it even if it is harmful to them personally.
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