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    my uncle woke up today.
    he had no legs.
    mums gone to the hospital,
    for his mum he begs.

    a little while ago my uncle was bitten by a dog,
    when he was younger he had his spleen removed.
    because of his lack of spleen his body took on a disease that was in the dogs gums,
    he woke up and thought he had reincarnated as a poor nigro in a third world country.
    all around him he could only see indian and asian doctors.
    he was black.
    His fingers and feet are black from the disease,
    no one knows what it is.
    they thought he had meningococcal so he was in ICU,
    they moved him out.
    He halucinated.

    At first the doctors thought he would only loose his fingertips and toes.
    he still has his balck hands i believe, but last week he lost his legs.. i don't know how mcuh of them. they were hoping they'd be able to cut under the knee, but i don't know if they could.

    We just got a call from my grandfather, my mother has just gone to the hospital with my grandparents.
    My uncle was calling for his mother.. he's just had to face the reality of life without legs.

    it's not fair, when i can dance and he can't even stand up by himself.
    we are not well off.
    how is he going to afford prosthetic legs?
    i don't know what to do.
    i feel so awful about it..

    My uncle was a linesman, he fixed powerlines.
    In his spare time he was a mechanic for his own bikes and cars.
    He will never be a linesman again.
    There is little hope he can fix his cars or play with his bikes.

    What does it feel like to wake up and know you can't walk?
    "like you're trapped"
    said my friend, who has been in a wheelchair for a few years now.

    she can possibly walk again.
    he can never walk alone again.
    he doesn't have feet,
    he doesn't have long legs like the rest of us.
    what is there to do?
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    :hug: I"m so sorry. I think with the love and support of his family he will find a way to carry on. It seems he is very loved by you and many others. I'm so so so sorry and all my love to you and your uncle. :hug: