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Lesbian, dating, sex, etc, hypothetically...

Discussion in 'I Have a Question...' started by Gaaaah, Jun 25, 2007.

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  1. Gaaaah

    Gaaaah Guest

    I'm a complete and utter virgin. Well, not so hypothetically. Seriously. But I don't have a persona that radiates that. Quite the opposite in fact. How exactly do I go about telling a girl that? Or do I just try to bluff my way through? Would finding out the woman you were dating was a virgin make you want to run in the other direction? I'm not a complete closet case or anything, it just never happened. I've fooled around a bit, but am a novice-- even in the kissing dept., just above beginner level. I feel like a freak. Maybe I should just pull a Steve Carrell and put it on the back burner till I'm forty. Help! Plus, I'm not the most perfectly balanced person in the world, y'know, and it seems unfair to date someone at all. Is it selfish of me to want someone, to engage in a relationship with someone, knowing that I can get depressed and neurotic?
  2. WriteEnough

    WriteEnough Member

    Being a Virgin is ok. i know it makes anyone feel bad, knowing they didnt have sex. In my opinion i like if a girl was a Virgin, i like that alot. but thats getting very rare as i enter my 20's.

    if you know your going to be depressed, then you should get help. i made the bad mistake and never went for help, and just wanted to be with my old gf all the time, cuz it helped me. then i would always say i wouldnt care about myself and etc. but that suffocated her, and now she's gone. dont make that mistake, try to help yourself. i know im not a lesbian, or a female for that matter, but im sure it isn't too different.
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