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    Is anyone here a Lesbian? Im a lesbian I came out when I was 15 im 18 now.. Soo If you are a lesbian when did you come out or have you? and what was that like for you?
  2. *dilligaf*

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    i'm a lebian......maybe.......well i'm bi :unsure:

    that count?
  3. SuperBo

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    lol yeah I suppose so have you came out yet?
  4. *dilligaf*

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    i have. i met my girlfriend in may last year and by about june/july i had told my family. i chose to tell my 15year old cousin first because i knew that she wouldn't judge me. then i told my mum. the last person to tell (and the one i was most scared of) was my dad. a few months later when i finally told him he just said "i know" lol!!
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    well i've been in a relationship with a woman 3 years older for 6 years. i met her when i was 17. i wouldn't say i was lesbian but i'm not straight. she says she's lesbian. she says i should be too and i said i'm not lesbian :laugh: my mother was a little non-surprised when i told her that i had been in a relationship with her ("you always sound happy when you're in her house" but then, who wouldn't feel happy out of this house?!) i don't think she understood when i said i've fallen in love with a man but i'm still with my gf and things like i'm attracted to men (as well as women) who aren't straight (she'd obviously think gay) and i thought ok shut up you're going to confuse her :laugh:

    she said 'your sexuality is your own business' and is okay with it. she thinks i want to 'have fun'... and doesn't treat me any differently and is fine. my sister though when i told her, she said, "Yeah i always thought you were linkin' with someone out there" and after that she never said hello to my gf once again and was generally awkward around us after that.....she didn't have anything she said 'against' people who aren't straight but i think she didn't like how friendly my gf and i were together? :mellow:

    my mother used to say a few months ago about the person whom i'm deeply in love with 'how is the fella?'

    i just say i don't want to talk about it. when i told you in great excitement, you weren't overjoyed were you? :dry:

    (you're 'the fella' chris!) the fella!!!
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    I had a 2 year relationship with my Ex gf But ended after she had cheated on me with a dude and lost her virginty Which is kinda screwed up but I kinda understand it was a long distance thing i've been single ever since.. but blah
  7. Well, I'm bi and came out not too long ago. I've known since I was 14, and I'm 20 now, but only recently told my family and close friends. I kinda had to tell my dad, because I moved in with my gf, and told him about that. When I said that I was moving in with a friend who offered a place to stay, one thing led to another, and I ended up telling him I'm bi and he was cool with it. He said he pretty much already knew, and before I told him, he kept making comments about it. :laugh: The first person I told was my brother who's 19. He thought it was great..said something like "so I CAN check out girls with you!" :rolleyes: My best friend already knew because well..we kinda figured it out together, but I won't go into detail there..:laugh::unsure: I told my mom not even a week ago, and she says she is cool with it too, but we will see how long that lasts. Of course, as a result of telling my mom and dad, everyone else on both sides of the family now knows..but I say fuck it, lol. They know now, and can think what they want. I'm happier than ever being here with my gf. :biggrin: More stupid stories to tell about coming out, but don't want to bore everyone, and well..it's kinda hard with only a little sleep..so I shall save that for another time. :tongue:
  8. ggg456

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    :laugh: I love that
  9. nagisa

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    I've always known that I was gay. I liked girls since I was just a little kid. It was normal to me and I didn't see anything wrong with it. I accepted it as a part of myself. It wasn't until I got into middle school that I realized society's negative view on it. The religious view was what really hurt me the most. But I've gotten over that now. I don't have a problem with it at all. I came out first to my sister when I was about 14 and didn't tell anyone else for like three more years. When I told my mom she didn't really care about it. It's not a big deal to her. My grandmother still doesn't know... at least I don't think she does, lol. I'd like to keep it that way. She and my sister are both pretty religious and I don't feel like getting into arguements about it. But really, it doesn't matter to me what they think. My mom is ok with it and that's really all the matter since she is the person I live with. XD
  10. Sa Palomera

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    I'm well bisexual and have known since I was about.. 12 or 13.
    My parents know. They've known it since I was like 15 or 16 years old. They've accepted it. At least they have since they know that my sister is gay (she came out the closet about a year and a half ago :laugh: ). Before that it just was something we didn't talk about. Like it wasn't there or whatever.
    I'm 20 now and have had one serious girlfriend, and several boyfriends. But I find that sexually I have a tendency to feel attracted to women more than men.
    Emotionally I don't have a preference for sex though lol. Everyone's different and well, the person I fall for can be of any gender really. As long as their personality attracts me :dunno: :smile:
  11. SuperBo

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    personality is everything.
  12. nagisa

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    I agree. :smile:
  13. Broken Wings

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    Yeah, I'm a lesbian, I'm 16 now, and have been out since I was... hell, 13, its been three years... wow.

    But I've known since god knows how long.

    No ones given me any trouble over it, and I have 4/5 friends who are gay/bi. So, its pretty accepted in my circle of influence.
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    I like lesbians.

    Whenever I ask a girl on a date and she turns out to be a lesbian, it's nothing personal when she turns me down.

    Or... at least... they said they were lesbians... Hmmmmm.
  15. beauutyy

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    im bisexualll.buuut,idk how to tell my family cause they are hXc christians. i've only been with a girl and just said i dont move fast enough. and left.blahh.ohwell.i go to pridefest,which is hella fun.

    idk, i just dont plan on saying anything anytime soon. >_<
  16. A_Loser

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    i wish i was a lesbian
  17. famous.last.words

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    Im bi, but only friends and my boyf know because i really think it would cause much more shit with my family that its worth. I fancy girls more than boys but i love my boyfriend with my whole heart, but its not a gender issue. I would love him male or female, its his personality im in love with.
    But before i was with him, i was loving the ladies ;)
  18. SuperBo

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    lady loving is the best kind of a lovin.
  19. danni

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    I'm bi and i came out around 15-16 now i'm 18. I told me brother and he just gave me this look :eek:hmy: and then he said what every floats your boat :laugh:. All my friends know and they accept it, my dad knows and he was sorta okay with it. My mom and step dad know but i havn't told them everything. And i'm going to wait to tell them everything.
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    i couldnt agree with you more :tongue: ....im a lesbian but i kinda dont know how to come out :dunno: ....been with my girlfriend for 2 years now so i guess im gonna have to do it sooner then later eh :blink: