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  1. The Scream

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    i have a few questions to my felow folks :biggrin:

    im the jealous insecure type (unfortunately) and thats basically how my possible first gay relationship never had a chance

    is it even possible to be lesbian and jealous and in a relationship functiong fully well? (in which you're feeling good) i mean girls are closer to each other than guys in nature right, so how could you possibly know whether your partners friend is "just" a friend? :unsure:

    my lesbian friend is cheating on her girlfriend

    the girl i was in love with had a bunch of girls she was "hanging out with"
    i got jealous
    and things didn't work out...

    and sometimes im even wondering what i really am :blink:

    i really don't like guys, as friend okies, but more, never!

    i just watched lesbian porn, to see if i'd feel anything, hehehe xD
    it didn't excite me all that much
    but enough to make me breathe a bit differently though :laugh:

    i don't know

    i don't like sex
    i like making love

    the porn was cheap, things we're going so fast

    love scenes with two girls excite me more than that, even though you see much less
    because they go slow
    build the excitement

    and also, with the girl i was in love with...

    when we kissed each other on the lips, i was really excited
    that was when i was high in the sky, all in love hehe xD

    a few weeks later, when my feelings sorta became less towards her
    we made out and gave each other a massage, but i didn't feel as excited as when i was just kissing her on the lips

    it's weird, i don't even know what i am :sad:

    anyone else, experience?


    sorry for my english, i talked more dutch lately, so... xD
  2. necrodude

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    im not the expert on this but it sounds like you are letting your misconceptions of the sexes and other peoples mistakes influence you. straight guys can be close too, we show it differently, and women cheat too. the truth is is that you should always be ready for change. otherwise, you will never be truly at peace.
  3. 12years

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    Attraction may be involuntary, but relationship is a choice. Lesbian or not, you don't have to have a relationship with every person you're physically/sexually attracted to.

    On that note, if you and your partner don't have a relationship based on trust and communication, there's no way it will work out. That's true for any kind of relationship, actually.
  4. A_Loser

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    Sorry, couldn't help myself:lone:
  5. Lady Byron

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    You know, sometimes I wonder what I am too. I really really like guys but another part of me likes girls too. So in a way, we're in the same boat :tongue:. But I agree with necrodude and if you have no trust, you don't really have a relationship.