less aggressive suicide prevention = less taboo = less suicide

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    i think if society and especially doctors tried less to stop people against their will and respected them as equals, suicidal people would be more likely to be open. being able to be open would be more emotionally satisfying, thus theyd be less likely to kill themselves. funny irony there, the anti-choice people really think that treating people like shit is going to make them not kill themselves, mostly because they just think of suicidal people as 'diseased' and dont respect being that way as something that could happen to anyone, even them. i say this because one of the biggest reasons i wanted to die in the past was because i couldnt be open about it at all for fear of being 'helped'.
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    I feel the same.
  3. Belladonna

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    So very true. Whether or not a person is suicidal, it doesn't make them stupid. In fact, you'd probably be happier if you were dumb, don't they say ignorance is bliss?
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    I agree with you so much. I always say it takes courage to die when living (hanging in there) can just be sleepwalking.

    I think this is the thing. You ask someone who is at that point why they want to die, and whatever the reason, no matter how many have it worse, there is no good comfort that can simply be said.

    You want to help a person, get to know the person, let the person know there is someone who knows them they can rely on, then give advice. Someone talks about their problems and people get annoyed. Maybe because they don't have much to say in reality, maybe because most lives are meaningless wondering around from some job to house, doing all they should do at the age they should do it and not really understanding.

    So people get angry. Why is it a problem for you to just get a job and hold it? Why is it hard for you to have meaningless chats with countless acquaintances trough the day? Why cant you just come up with fake confidence and determination so you stop wasting everyone's time. What are YOU doing for the society?

    Then if it really is such a problem you probably need to be on some medication that will help you think of things LESS and DO. Cause its all about action, right? Acting without thinking, but do it quickly and you'll be good. Even if its suicide, and then its too late for everything, them, you, its all gone.

    I am sorry I started ranting and got off the point. You are right though. It should all be handled differently. One of the things is also having to pay to get any help.
    It doesn't seem that our lives have much value. It's just such an inconvenience when someone ends it or tries to so we better shake our heads and call them insane. Even if our recipe for sanity is "don't think, don't observe, don't question or doubt, don't try to know or understand". If you're not delusional you're crazy.
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    completely agree, I really don't think I can add anything that hasn't been said.
  6. HawthornePassage

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    and god forbid you actually try to DO something that is helpful, then thats the worst of all
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    Great subject to raise Hawthorne, and I'd like to add a different side to it. Published stories about suicide have actually been a hot topic among mental health professionals as of late, especially in the wake of all these young kids killing themselves over bullying. What's notable in these cases is the intensity and frequency with which the suicides are being reported. Sure, there is increased visibility for the social and clinical issues that lead to suicide, and may even lead to policy reform in the case of bullying; and as you've noted, may also lead to aggressive intervention approaches, which may or may not be conducive to combating the problem. But the effects of over-stimulating and even sensationalized media reports about suicide and suicide prevention can serve to further perpetuate the act. One of the most dangerous things you can do is glamorize the death, attach a sense of noble martyrdom to the deceased, or otherwise venerate them in some form; those who are suicidal may see this and feel as though dying is all the more desirable. From a suicidal person's perspective, they'll be elevated in death in such a way that they feel they could never achieve in life, AND they'd be ridding themselves of their suffering. Seems like a hard deal to pass up.