Less Is More?

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  1. Winslow

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    What seems to help me nowadays is the Buddhist concept of "Less Is More." It's the practice of desiring less. So I was wondering if any others of you at this forum practice that life-style too.

    Of the primary emotions that a human has, there are such emotions as fear, and anger, compassion, and,of course, desire. And when we say greed, what greed means is desire taken to a stronger level.

    Desire is not only for material things (such as having your own car) but also desire for somebody of the opposite gender. That kind of desire can cause extreme pain if the emotion can Not be controlled.

    What I'm driving at is the Less desires you have, then the better. The way to begin that journey is by beginning with food. There is a saying about food that goes "Eat to live, Not live to eat." So when I eat, I have food which has as Little taste as possible, the Least taste possible. Too much taste stimulates emotions, especially the emotion of desire, and that leads to the emotion of desire spreading to other areas of your life. Too much pleasure is the cause of our problems.

    So the saying "Less Is More" means that the Less pleasure you have, then the more discipline you have. Let me hear from you others who practice "Less Is More."
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    The rule goes that the less of something you have, the more positive effect will be garnered from it. But in terms of living, it's an unrealistic standard if it's to be applied in every single facet of a human being's life, because it would also include loving less, having less compassion, caring less. So it mostly applies to things we can control over time, such as the things you mentioned: food, emotions to an extent (e.g. instincts), beauty, and experience. For example, there is more satisfaction from eating less of a good thing and saving more to spare at another time, than completely indulging in it; there is more natural beauty through a face with less artificial enhancements or makeup than one that is plastered with it; there is more desire to continue experiencing joyful events when they don't happen so frequently.

    Sort of like not being able to maximize one's appreciation of experiencing the height of being, without having ever experiencing at least some destitution. Does that make any sense? Too much of a good thing quickly becomes a bad thing because it leaves little left to be wanted.

    But that doesn't mean you have to keep eating completely bland and tasteless foods instead of a zesty, saucy lasagna with extra cheese. :laugh: Just eat it rarely and not in excess when you do. That's what less is more means; not to completely deprive yourself, and it applies to other aspects of living as well, including sex, and feeling less fearful, and attachments to material things and people.
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