Less sedating anti psychotics OR mood stabilisers???

Discussion in 'Therapy and Medication' started by Butterfly, Apr 25, 2013.

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    Hi guys,

    I know medications affect everybody differently, but I am not able to currently function on my current medication of Quetiapine (Seroquel) 150mg and Duloxetine 60mg, so I have now stopped both medications until I can see my psych to get my medications changed. I have taken Quetiapine in the past with little side effects, but since I restarted taking it over a month ago, it had not agreed with me. I feel like a zombie all day every day, don't know who I am, what I'm doing andd everything is a blur. Because I need to focus on my job I had to stop taking this, and as a result stop taking Duloxetine as I am worried it will send me manic without an anti psychotic. My anti depressant works really well for me, as my main problems are depression and anxiety, but I do have period of psychosis and hypomania hence the quetiapine.

    I was wondering if anybody is on less sedating anti psychotics as I was looking for suggestions to present to my psychiatrist. As I have stopped medications I am now feeling very low so I need to restart my anti depressant, but will need something to balance it with. I was always wondering whether a mood stabiliser would be a better bet for me as I know they can cause sedation but they are less sedating than anti psychotics. I know my psych is the only one that can decide in the end, but I would be interested to hear peoples experiences with meds.
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    My doctor prescribed an antipsychotic called Nozinan when I told her I needed something that wouldn't make me sleepy. And it doesn't. I take 100mg in the morning and it doesn't make me feel like a zombie or tired at all. Neither does Haldol, which I also take 6mg in the morning, but the Haldol took about a week or so of making me tired before it stopped. But the Nozinan never made me tired even when I first started taking it. The generic name for Nozinan is Metho-Trimeprazine, I'm not sure what name it would by in the US or UK because I'm in Canada.
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    Ziprasidone tends to be less sedating than many atypical APs. I take it and I get no side effects or sedation from it. It is wise to stop the Duloxetine like you did - I am on it as well (same dose, too) and it absolutely makes me manic without the Geodon (ziprasidone). SNRI's are bad for that, even worse than SSRI's for me.
    In my experience, aripiprazole are ziprasidone were some of the least sedationing atypical anytipsychotics, while the Seroquel and risperdone were the worst for me. Some people find success with Zyprexa (Olanzapine), but it also tends to cause a lot of weight gain, which a lot of antipsychotics are bad for. The ziprasidone is more weight-neutral than most.
    I hope you can find one that doesn't put you in a fog.
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    Thanks for the replies guys.

    Cate when I first started duloxetine even with the seroquel I went batshit crazy lol but it did settle down, which is why I stopped taking everything. I was thinking of aripiprazole as I hear its designed to make you more motivated rather than sedate you. I will see my GP next week (will actually do it this time) to see if she will speak to psych about changing the quetaipine.
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    I have been on a lot of anti psychotics- haloperidol,largactil,zyprexa,seroquel,Depixol,Clopixol,Risperidone. I would suggest Clopixol, it is not very sedating. Largactil is extremely sedating, I took it once before I went to a restaurant and I feel asleep with my head in the dinner (true story lol). I'd go with either clopixol or a small dose of haloperidol. :)
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    I don't know for sure if this can help you but maybe it's something to ask about. I was prescribed seroquel, but couldn't afford it, so my psychiatrist prescribed me Vistril (hydroxyzine pamoate). It's technically an anti-histamine, but since it's a CNS suppressant, it works on anxiety very well without any risk of addiction and no serious side affects. I'm not sure if it would also work as an anti-psychotic, but maybe it would. The first few doses made me so sleepy I lost a few days, but after that it was fine. Also very wallet friendly, which is always a good thing.
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    Im on olanzapine, its an atypical antypsychotic, it is a wonder drug that has given me my life back!
    As for its sedative effect, it makes no sense, if i take it in the morning i will surely snooze early afternoon, yet if i take it in the evening i get no sedative effect at all (im an insomniac too)
  8. borderline.

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    I was on Quetiapine XR for only 3 days because it made me a zombie and it gave me hallucinations. I just started the mood stabilizer Lithium yesterday and so far I haven't noticed any drowsiness; it actually made me more awake, I slept worse than I have in months.